Behold! - I have become a plumbing God!

Gaze upon my radiators ye mighty, and despair!
I have used 22mm, 15mm and 10mm pipe – compression *and * solder joints.
I have managed to not burn the house down, or singe myself significantly.
And, Krispy-Fried Christ! – It works!

(Ok, the end result of all this effort is basically to move one radiator from one side of the room to the other – but I’m still impressed with myself – if only because of the chaos I’ve wrought about the house. I must find my camera to record the mess)

Bring on those winter chills!

way to go…i bet the worst part was moving that heavy sucker…hows your back

It was surprisingly heavy, you’re right!
BTW the only reason I posted my original pointless OP was to stop myself starting a GD thread I’d been meaning to post - since I cracked a post plumbing celebratory beer or two it would have ended in tears!

I am impressed. I will do aluminum electrical conduit. I will do PVC. For some things, I will even do copper. But I bow in your direction. Have a beer for me.