Behold, my new sig and location!

Bask in its reflected glory! Gasp in amazement!

Seriously, what do you think? I thought it was about time I put something in these fields. If this is too mundane even for MPSIMS then please put this thread out of its misery.


Bugger. Duplicate thread - sorry!

Closed the other one. Carry on.

Errr. Tried to close it, but it got deleted. UncleBeer’s up early today. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Top modding!

…and your username… it looks so… familiar…
nope can’t place it… nevermind

thats nice Herge. another monty python fan.
are you going boozing with us in camden on saturday (8th nov)? the more the merrier etc.

Good possibility, paulberserker!

I’ve not really been following the Brit Dope thread - I’ll check it out for the details!

check out your e-mail, the dope contact one, you’re CCed on the happenenings. its been done by Tir through that. if not, shout me and i’ll forward stuff on to you matey.