Behold the Power of Cheese. Richard Cheese, that is.

I listen to the morning show on a local radio station (KQRS) ever morning. Lately, they’ve been playing a snippet of a song sung by Richard Cheese. It’s a remake of “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot, sung in lounge singer style. Frikkin’ hilarious!

His albums are sold on his web page and he has a few .mp3 samples there, too…

I love his version of “Insane in the Brain” by Cypress Hill; however, “Baby Got Back” is masterful.

If one were so inclined, one could download several of his songs from a P2P site…

Jumpin’ Jack Christ.

If Baby Got Back is masterful, then I have to say his take on Hot for Teacher is better than the original, and Used to Love Her might be as well. Insane in the Brain - or maybe it’s just the clip they showed - was the other prize-winner in my opinion.

I’m sorry. That should say ever damn morning.