Behold the rampant with more kitten goodness!


No, no, thank me later… :wink:

Oh, and the “Microsoft repackages the iPod” video is a scream, too…

A "Coooooll!!! to both. :slight_smile:

Kittens! KittenskittenskittenskittensKittens!!!

That basket of half-a-dozen grey ones…

Wow! That’s cuteness overload!

Ah, that’s my dose of kitty goodness for the day. Thank you.

Is it just me, or do some of those cats look pissed off?

It’s not just you, Tuckerfan. Definitely more than a smidgeon there of “More one time poking that camera in my face, bub, and I’m goin’ to rip you into little pieces!”

But still cool. :slight_smile:

Hey, cats are cool even when they’re cranky–some might say it enhances their coolness… something about a pissed off kitty wrapping itself lovingly around the arm and simultaneously biting, scratching and kick-kick-kicking that just makes me go “Awww! Who’s a big ol’ puddy puddin’, den?” :stuck_out_tongue:

There are samples there from just about every cat webpage, including “My cat hates you,” which I suspect acounts for several of the pissed off cats.

I had 5 kittens staying with me over the weekend … I’ve had about all the kitten cuteness I can take for a while.