Beiber spits on fans

So my computer died today otherwise I would be researching myself. And typing on the phone sucks. Anyway one of the rellies posted photos that appear to show him spitting on his fans from a balcony . Is this crap or fact? Which way shall my indignation swing - bad boy Beiber or crap spreading relative???:confused:

According to his PR there were two different pictures that looked related but weren’t. One of him spitting off a balcony, and one with fans below the balcony. But apparently they were taken at different times and completely unrelated (again, according to his PR).

Apparently there is a video of him pissing into a janitor’s mop bucket and swearing at a picture of Bill Clinton though, so there’s that.

A neatly packaged “rebellion,” perfectly scripted by marketing geniuses.

Looks like it’s working.

I read he had to call Clinton to apologize. And then I realized I knew more than I ever wanted to about Justin Beiber’s life.

I bet fans are willing to stand in line for days for a chance to have Bieber spit on them. I hear there are already droves of them sitting around in tubs outside his house, holding pictures of Bill Clinton, hoping for even a small splash of Bieber-pee to come their way.

That’s Gold, Jerry! Gold!

Or at any rate golden.

Sheesh, where’s the kid’s mother? Most ten-year olds would be in a permanent time-out once the spit hits the fan.

Next he’ll make a gigantic concept album about his sad childhood and emotionally distant life as a rock star.

Ya know, he vomited onstage a while back, probably because he heard his own music. :stuck_out_tongue: Lady Gaga did the same thing a few days later, which prompted me to think that Obama was probably really hoping that he would not have to go to Japan and meet with the Prime Minister any time soon.


There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Good grief, is this guy GG Allin Jr.? I don’t think he was even born yet when Allin died.

Justin Peeber. I’m still giggling.

I still can’t get over the posse dude’s comments about peeing in a mop bucket being one of those moments they’ll remember forever. Yep, I’ve done a lot of things in my time but the golden memories that stick with a person are the times you pee in societally inappropriate places.

That should be a huge seller. Having a sad childhood and an emotionally distant rock star life at the same time gives the opportunity for double the angst.

Ha, but first his “music” is going to have to resemble rock music before he can be a “rock star”.

I saw on the news this morning that his song “Baby” is the biggest single of all time, or something to that effect. All I could think was Professor Farnsworth of Futurama saying “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”

Yup, apparently they made a new classification called “Diamond” (above gold, platinum, etc) or something for it.

If one of the spat-upon individuals punched him for it, that would be an example of the fan hitting the shit.

Used to be “They” could ride one of these horses all the way to a ripe old age ala Judy Garland.

This kid won’t make it past thirty.

They just don’t make 'em like they used to.

He could call it, “The Balcony.”

I like it! It’s got zazz!

Bieber was just trying to cop Michael Jackson’s incident with the baby, but he lacked a baby so he made do with what he had.

I almost care enough to completely hijack this thread with “Follow the germs” and other parallels. But I don’t. Maybe if it was One Direction we were talking about, but they don’t really deserve the abuse.