"Bein's how..." Is it used in your neck of the woods?

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I never heard the expression. But when I lived in Omaha for a few years, I heard “bein’s how” quite frequently. It is short for “being as how,” of course, and means “because” or “in that.” For example, I might have heard “I’m going to visit my parents next week, but I’ll have to leave the dog home, bein’s how I’m flying.” Interestingly, I have never to my recollection heard the phrase on television or in a movie, or seen it written in a book. Obviously it’s colloquial speech, but I am wondering just how common it is in the English speaking world. Ever heard it?

Northeast US here (specifically New Jersey just across the river from New York City), and no, never heard it. Quite jarring, too, if you ask me, but that’s probably because I didn’t grow up with it.

Heard around here commonly, at least from me. But I pick up expressions from other parts of the country pretty easily. This sounds southern to me.

I’ve lived in the midwest, the southeast, and now the southwest. I’ve never heard this anywhere I’ve lived, but I have heard it in movies or somewhere. I bet it’s a Great Plains thing.

It’s also very similar to “seein’ as how”

I think I’ve heard of it somewhere but definitely not around Chicago where I mostly grew up.

While I was born and raised in California, my dad’s side of the family is from the south, and I grew saying bein’s how/seein’s how. I now occasionally say “seeing as how”, but always fully pronounced.

I don’t know where I picked it up, but it’s a part of my vocabulary and comes naturally to me. I don’t find it strange or unusual. I grew up in Pennsylvania and don’t know if I picked it up there. I always thought everybody said it. I do say “bein’ as how.” I don’t contract the word “as.”

Nope, never heard it around here in real life (central Florida.) In fact every time I read the thread title I pronounce it like a name “Bane’s How”.

Never heard it, unless I heard it in a movie. But I use “seein’ how” all the time.

I think this is my answer, too. I don’t think I’ve heard it in real life, though (perhaps this is weird) it wouldn’t be jarring to hear it. Maybe that’s because I’m familiar with “seein’ as how”.

… Though I don’t think I really know people who say THAT in real life, either. Huh.

Nope, never heard it.

<----originally a hillbilly. “Being’s how, seeing’s how,” comes natural. “Everhow” instead of however. “Better’n” for better than. “Y’all,” of course, and “you all.” Never said you’uns unless I was making fun of people who talk funny. :eek:

Sissy Spacek has always stuck with the way she was raised to talk so you might have heard her use some words like that.

Hear it often. I dismiss it as a hillbilly thing.

Can’t pin down hearing it beyond:

But it doesn’t sound the least be strange, so I must have run across it more than once.

I don’t think I use it, that I recall.
Bolding mine.

You’re quoting a man that rhymed pickle with motorcycle. He can’t be trusted.

Interesting. Are “bein’s how” and “seein’s how” synonymous? I have heard, and possibly even used “seein’s how.” The people I knew in Omaha who used “bein’s how” weren’t hillbillies, AFAIK.

Yeah, they mean exactly the same thing. Neither expression is all that common around here (eastern Kentucky) but they’re not all that uncommon either, especially among older folks.

I have lived in California (northern) my whole life and I’ve never heard it, not have I heard “seeing’s how”. It seems to me that one would just use the word “considering”.

I’m from Ohio, and I use both “being as how” and “seeing as how.” I don’t recall them being pronounced as in the OP, though. Here in Houston, I can’t think of anyone I know who uses those phrases.