Belgian and German Dopers, a little Google-help in carpentry please?

For my new house, I want an old dream of mine to come true: to have an “room en-suite”. I don’t know the English term for “en-suite” . My own probably unclear translation would be “walk-through cupboards with sliding doors that divide a room, 1890-1930 style.” :slight_smile:

My house was built in 1929, and judging from the shape of the rooms, I guess these kind of doors used to be there. So I wouldn’t be putting “a flag on a mudship” as the Dutch expression goes, but putting in such doors might actually be a believable restauration. Yeah, I know it sounds silly, but that is important to me.
Now, I’ve found a Dutch company that makes replicas of these en-suite closets, with the exact same materials and techniques they used in the 1920’s. Great! Problem is, they are hugely expensive. A rough estimate they gave me was 9000 euro’s, that’s about 9500 dollars. For a built-in-closet ! I’ve looked on the Internet for other Dutch carpenter-companies that could make these closets in replica, but to no avail.

As I live in Maastricht, very near the German and Belgian border, I might check out some Flemish, Wallonian or German carpentercompanies and ask them for prices. The problem is that I don’t know the words to look for to start Googling. Carpenter is Tischler or Carpentier, but I get stuck immediately after that.

Could the French and German Dopers please give me some help in locating some companies in a 150 mile radius of Maastricht that would make these doors? Or could you even tell me some of the words I need for Googling?

Much thanks in advance!

Sorry I don’t know any carpentry firms, but I can tell you that like ‘zugswang’ or ‘cul de sac’, ‘en suite’ is an accepted English phrase.
Typically it implies a bathroom attached to a bedroom. ‘The hotel room is en-suite’ means you don’t have to go into a public corridor to use the bathroom.