Bell's theorem

i just saw a special on TLC about quantum physics, and i got a great idea. the shoy talked about Bell’s theory, the fact that if you create two particles, the will be cosmicly connected i.e. if you change the spin or polarity of one particle, the other will do the same thing (or it might be the opposite, i can’t remember). they said that some how, the two particles are communicating–instantly, no matter how far apart they are. so this got me thinking, if you make the first particle change it’s polarity in a patern, you could convey a message across space faster than light.

my question is am i missing somthing, or am i stumbling on somthing revolutionary? or has it already been done?


oops–show not shoy


No, and yes. First, no: You only get one measurement, so the pattern (of a single particle) idea is out. I don’t know if there might be anyway to send an array of particles (say 2, XOR them for the bit) as information carriers. I doubt it though, that’s too easy an idea and there are people still struggling to come up with FTL communication.

Second, yes: The particles states will correlate FTL, but you can’t know which state the recieved particle would have been in had the partner particle been left alone. That is, it looks random until you compare the two particles, which must be done at a slower than light speed. This, however, is the source of some pretty damn good encryption…

If reality is objective then quantum uncertainly is the result of hidden variables. Bell showed that hidden variables and local causality implies Bell’s Inequality. But thought experiment (and later actual experiments) showed that Bells’ Inequality is violated. Therefore we must abandon hidden variables and with them objective reality or accept faster than light transmission of information. Most scientists accept QM and local causality and are therefore forced to abandon objective reality.
Faster than light transmission of information opens up all sorts of cause and effect paradoxes.

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DrMatrix, in your opinion, could quantum gravity resolve these conflicts?

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In my opinion, no. But I really don’t know enough about quantum gravity to say for sure.

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This might help:

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