Belly buttons - prevalence of outies

What percentage of the population has ‘outie’ belly buttons?

Are they more common in males or females? More common in certain races?

I don’t know the answer to your question, but I think there’s a heredetary component. I come from a long line of “innies.” My parents, grandparents, siblings and me - all innies. My ex-husband had a very large outie - and my son has one just like his dad’s.

Since the topic is navels - I have two related questions. I’ve always wondered why there’s such a big scar left from the umbillical cord, and why it grows as we grow instead of fading, like most scars?

Also, when I was small, my encyclopedia had one of those diagrams of the human body that had acetate sheets showing all the organs. You opened the sheets to see the next layer of organs, front to back. The last sheet showed the inside surfaces of the back, buttocks and leg muscles, and it showed a faint mark on the back at navel level, as if it too, had a naval remnant. I’ve never understood this, and always wondered just where the umbillical cord is anchored in the fetus?