Ben Affleck to play Batman

If Michael Keaton could play Batman, why not Affleck?

Now you’ve given me the mental picture of Superman constantly having to save Batman because he keeps losing in every fight, only barely surviving each time. Shudder.

But I wouldn’t put it past these guys.

And I’m wicked smaht.

So Bruce Wayne is going to have a southie accent? Fuck this.

Maybe they’re TRYING to kill the franchise.

Which would be all to the good, AFAIAC. Everybody since Adam West takes the character too damn seriously.

The costume does all the work anyway, as I think Jack The Joker Nicholson said about it.

I enjoyed Keaton’s Batman anyway.

Only if he’s prepared - otherwise he’s out of his league.

Yeah I was going to say, I enjoyed his performance in The Town, but not being American I don’t know if the accents were over the top.

And, as further provocation, I think Keaton is a pretty good comedy actor.
But he clearly wasn’t right for that role. Michael Keaton as Batman is proof we’re in a wacky alternate universe, and not the main line.

No, he’s not. Ben Affleck is not a good actor.

However, and this is Huge, the guy knows how to make movies. That’s why it could work. The thing about Batman, is he works better when he doesn’t emote at all. People loved the Christian Bale batman, but nobody ever talks about how he showed his acting chops in those movies. He’s a good actor, but playing Batman doesn’t take a whole lot of emotional range.

Missed the edit window.

I guess what I’m saying is that if they force Affleck to be just an actor… it won’t be very good. But if he’s got input in the writing and directing, it truly might kick ass.

There are people who think Michael Keaton was a good choice for Batman?

I guess if your view of Batman is influenced by Adam West it makes sense, but not to me.

Best Batman performer? Kevin Conroy.

If he just maybe STAYS in the writing and directing, it could truly kick ass if hey cast anyone else instead of him. Shit, Crispin Glover would be way more believable.

He also did a fine job in The Town and The Company Men.

It’s even trcikier than that. This isn’t a Batman movie - it a Superman movie. To hell with the casting, the writing is going to be paramount

There’s also going to be Matt Damon as Robin.

Well, no, not that I know of, but the joke just writes itself, doesn’t it.

I don’t either,I enjoyed most of his movies.

Well, maybe if they both go bearded and shirtless it’ll be a great movie.

Besides, you know Ben can do bromance.


I’ve seen it suggested that he abruptly switch to a full on Boston accent while wearing the Batman suit. Could work.