Ben Bova has died from Covid-19

Legendary Science Fiction Author Ben Bova Has Passed at the Age of 88 |

Damn it.

I read so many of his books. :cry:

Ah, shit. :disappointed_relieved:

He was the editor of my favorite magazine, of which I have had a continuous, uninterrupted subscription for nearly 40 years: Analog Science Fiction and Fact.

Aw, fuck!

Another of my faves bites it. I fucking HATE 2020!

Most famous death from it so far? Beats Terrence McNally for me.

88…wow. I loved Analog, back in the day.

Worst. Timeline. EVAR. Dammit.

He bought Spider Robinson’s first stories, too.

When I was in fourth grade, in 1974, I bought a science fiction novel at our school’s book fair. It was Bova’s “Exiled From Earth,” and thus, the first SF novel I ever read. Godspeed, Ben.

The man was a legend; a truly out-sized influence on the genre. RIP Mr. Bova; you done good. Thanks!

He’s one of my favourite writers. I love the grand tour books. What a terrible thing. RIP

How well-known is he outside the group of people who regularly read science fiction?

I’d imagine “not known at all” to pretty much anyone outside of the science fiction community. John Prine (the musician who died from COVID early in the pandemic) might be a fair analogy to Bova – well-known and beloved among people who are knowledgeable about his area, but probably very little name recognition among the general public.

And like John Prine, much beloved by me. So many losses.

Damn. Loved a lot of his stuff.

I’d say not well-known at all. This is the first time I’ve ever seen his name, and I’m not one of those Dopers who pretend to have never heard of super famous people because their fame is somehow beneath them.

Who is Terence McNally? I would nominate John (game of life) Conway.

I just saw this thread. What a terrible thing. I really enjoy his work.

Update: still dead.

I was more of an F&SF guy, but I got Analog too.

He’ll be missed.