Ben Roethlisberger Reveals He Has A "Little" Torn Rotator Cuff

*Ben Roethlisberger revealed he has a “little torn rotator cuff” in an interview Wednesday with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, but the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback seemed more concerned about the absence of holdout receiver Mike Wallace than his injury.

“I’m good. It’s OK, just sore,” he told the newspaper. “I have a little torn rotator cuff. That doesn’t heal. We just have to hope it doesn’t tear the rest of the way, according to Doc.”*

Jeez, what is it with this guy and his revelations of injuries? 1000 degree fever, almost died, busted thumb, broken toes…???

And why didn’t he, you know, get it operated on in the offseason? “It doesn’t heal”??

Dude’s a hypochondriac and a drama queen, even Steelers fans have to see that by now!

Bring on the season!

He was trying to hold down a particularly feisty girl, which can be rough on the rotator cuff.

But yeah, he exaggerates or makes up injuries all the time so all the hilljacks can cream themselves over how tough he is when he overcomes them.

One of my eyes dropped out of it’s socket and I broke 9 of my ten fingers reading and typing this response.

Can’t say it’s a big revelation that Ben’s a whiny douchebag.

Oh, I know its no big revelation, but seriously…why wouldn’t he get offseason surgery to repair this? Is there a legitimate reason not to do so?

You cannot repair that which is not broken? :smiley:

Ha, well yeah. I suppose there is that!


And yet even hurt he’s by far the best quarterback in the division and one of the top five in the league. The season hasn’t even started yet and the grapes are mighty sour.

As a lifelong Steeler fan, my grapes are not sour. Ben has a problem with faking injuries, it is insulting to us fans. My personal theory is he thinks he is perfect so he has to set up a fake injury for the interception, the fumble etc. And if those don’t happen he can still play the wounded QB takes the team to the endzone for the win.

He does? Which were fake, the broken foot, sprained ankle, broken nose or concussion? You’d think that the guy was a pussy or something, faking injuries like that and still playing.

Contrast that with Tom Brady, on the injury list for ten years running with a shoulder injury. Ben gets real injuries, not phantom ones.

Aren’t there rules in the NFL about injury reports? I thought teams were required to publicly disclose player injuries? And presumably those same rules would prohibit reporting non-existent injuries.

Ben is A) tough and B) a drama queen that exaggerates complaints to try to make it look like he’s even tougher than he is when he overcomes them.

Which ones were exaggerated/fake? Anybody else want to claim that without cites? Now’s the time.

Touchdown? :stuck_out_tongue:

I love watching the Steelers, I love the style of football they used to play. And I am adjusting to the new style they are playing. They are competitive almost any given year. I will always root for them, basement dwellers or Superbowl champions.

Doesn’t change that Ben is a whiny bitch.

I can applaud this, as much as I dislike the Steelers. A rational Steelers fan? C’mon…really?