Berkeley, CA is Guantanamo West

FEBRUARY 10, 2011
Berkeley, CA: Guantanamo West
By Monica Crowley


What is it with liberals wanting to bring terrorists to the United States?

First we saw President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder announce that they’d like to transfer Guantanamo Bay detainees to U.S. soil to stand trial in civilian courts. When the American people and most members of his own party went bananas and NIMBY on him, Obama pulled back on the asinine plan.

But it prompted an obvious question: with Islamic terrorists desperately trying to get INTO the United States, why would we CHOOSE to invite them in?

Prepare to be skewered…

A “detainee” who has been “cleared of wrongdoing” is not a “terrorist.”

Shouldn’t a person meeting that criteria be free (i.e., not detained)?

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Not worried. Liberals love to talk, but their words hold little truth if any. I will be insulted and belittled I am sure… …all bleesings for me. I welcome them.

Your sanctimonious attitude is truly something to behold. You go out of your way to insult people, and then get offended if someone uses a cuss word. This message board is great because, for the most part, there is honest debate and discussions; it is not filled with people that don’t care about learning from someone with a different perspective on things.

The term “psychological projection” comes to mind here. You are describing yourself, not liberals.

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