Bernardo Bertolucci dead at 77

BBC story

That’s two great directors in a couple days…

I liked a lot of his stuff (except* Last Tango*) even if I disagree with some of his other actions.

There was a story on NPR today about this. I didn’t realize that the actress in Last Tango was not told upfront what she would be doing. Times have changed. I’ve not seen that film, but I definitely like The Last Emperor. The arts editor on NPR suggested The Conformist (Il conformista) as his favorite Bertolucci film. I’m hoping that will be shown on cable soon.

The Last Emperor is just glorious film making at the epic scale. Wonderful.

Luna still haunts me. Jill Clayburgh’s best role.

The shots of Paris in Last Tango was like watching an impressionist painting come to life.

That story is incorrect according to BB.