Bernie Madoff Beaten in Jail

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Ponzi schemer Bernie Maoff has been beaten in jail in a dispute over money. The assailant is reported in for some sort of drugs charge. Madoff, who has the prison nickname “Ponzi,” suffered a bloody nose.


Let the unkind comments begin!

The original WSJ article in one of its final paragraphs claims that Madoff is regarded by most fellow inmates as a BMOC due to the unprecedented scope of his financial scam …

As delicious as that would be, they’re now saying he got the bruises falling out of bed.


What age is he again?

Boo on general principles to anyone beating on an old man.

Reminds me of a headline I saw in the NY Post last summer. It might be my favorite headline ever: “Bernie’s Cancer Cell: Madoff Dying-- Unless He Can Cheat Death, Too.” But I don’t think this turned out to be true either.

I think that was the story from back in December; there was an original report that he was beaten that was then changed to say “he fell.” I think the story in the OP is saying that he really was beaten up in December after all.

You’re right. Sorry, I should have checked the date stamp.

Yeah. “He fell” is usually a code for “We beat him up”, not the other way around.

Don’t be sorry, easy mistake to make. The date at the top of the page is always today’s date, so whatever story you’re looking at always looks like today’s story.

Old joke:

Q: How many LAPD Officers does it take to push a guy down a flight of stairs?

A: None. He fell.

Seems to be a trend.

I know Madoff harmed a lot of people. He deserved a long prison sentence. At his age, it’s a life sentence. He earned it.

However, he needs to be protected. Allowing a 70 plus year old guy to be beaten is uncalled for. That does nothing. We are a nation that believes in basic human rights and treatment.

Speaking of roughing up Madoff, did anyone else find it strange in the frequently seen video of him walking to his apartment surrounded by reporters when one of the photographers in front of him gave him a stiffarm right in the chest (I presume) to slow him up and allow himself to get a better picture? That just really struck me as bizarre, even Madoff seemed pissed and appeared to mumble “Don’t hit me.”

(Sorry, no link as I can’t youtube at work.)

assholedom knows no age limits … just because you are over 55 does not excuse you if you are an absolute jackass.

[and as an aside, any male who has the temerity to hit or abuse me, I don’t care how old or young will get hit by whatever I have to hand. Abuse is not going to be tolerated. I will not start it, but I will finish it.]

Oddly the best way to protect him may be to move him out of the general population and into something like solitary. That would keep him alive, but also would not be pleasant. Unless we are willing to fund prisons properly, we will be faced with choices like this.

That would be isolation. Solitary is punishment. Isolation you still get to keep your normal rights as a general prisoner
From the Australian soap opera Prisoner (Prisoner: Cell Block H)

Mum) I heard you had an accident

Lynn) It was no accident. Bea Smith did it on purpose

Mum) Lynn, sometimes in here, we have to agree that things are “accidents,” otherwise accidents just have a way keep on happening


Of course Madoff doesn’t deserve this. He received a large sentence for a large crime, which was fair; and, he accepted responsibility for what he did.

By contrast, the rest of the crooks on Wall St have been rolling around in our dough after having committed even bigger crimes. If they had any conscience, they would follow his example.

I don’t wish him any real harm, nor any illness; I’m hoping he lives a long, long, long time, in the best of health, especially mental health. Live to be 100, sharp as a tack, Bernie!

He’s 71. On behalf of the rest of the species, I say fuck him. (Metaphorically.) The guy defrauded thousands of people of their life’s savings and scads of charities of their endowments. If the worst thing that happens to him is spending the last ~ 10 years of his life in a medium security prison and getting his nose broken one time, he’s pretty lucky. If he gets raped or tied to a rock and an eagle comes and eats his liver every day, I’ll have some sympathy.

150 years would be life sentence for anybody. :wink:

We don’t know anything was allowed to happen. A fight can start and end fast, and a nose can be broken with one punch. If the guards stood by while he got beaten, you have a point, but I see no reason to assume that happened.

Some prison systems have a security level called protective custody, in which several classes of prisoners are isolated from the general population, but not from each other. In Ohio, those in protective custody include former law enforcement folks, snitches, child molesters, generally people who would be targets in the general population. This would include those whose crimes made them famous, like Madoff. The Ohio system also has a “retirement” prison, in which the average age is nearly 60.