Bert - "The Cat-Napped Cat"

Back Story:

I was once a “foster-parent” for my local shelter, taking in pets about to be adopted and getting them ready to be around people again.

I took in the now-named (before-named “Butterscotch”) Bert and decided he wasn’t going anywhere and so I didn’t turn loose of him, which totally pissed off my then-girlfriend Mel and some folks up in the New England States, where he was gonna be “relayed”.

Me and him “hit it off”, then D and he “hit it off”, and so now we’re a little family of three - all because of my crime 4 years ago.

Here is our baby…:slight_smile:

And here is my OTHER star of the family: Julian my grandson learnin’ some chords with his Opa at a Christmas a happier time back!



What a handsome fellow! Yeah, if I were a cat person, he’d be a keeper.

Great pic of you & Grandson, and you have fine taste in movie posters!

Beautiful cat! And I’m making that quilt! It’s gorgeous, and it looks like it’d be easy. I’ve been wondering what to do with large florals.

Awww…Cute boys.
(Stop peeing in the shower, Bert. :))

Oh my goodness what a cutie!! I wanna rub that tummy!!


Awwwwww!!! OMG he’s so cuuuuute!!