Besides Coke, what goes with whiskey?

A friend of mine bought me a handle of Crown Royal as a thank-you for watching his family’s house while in California. Apparently alcohol is taxed far less in Cali.
But I need to find something to mix with this excellent whiskey. I try to avoid sodas as much as possible, so there goes it’s primary partner.
You guys have any suggestions? Right now I’m drinking it straight on the rocks. Good, but I’m not grizzled enough for it yet.

More whiskey. Or whisky, as the case may be.

Water (liquid, frozen).

Yeah…I’ve more or less got those bases covered. :wink:
Anybody got a NOVEL idea?

Mix with ice, give it a little shake. If your whiskey is not good enough to drink like this, go get better whiskey (though Crown is certainly OK).

If you must mix it, some people like whiskey sours, but I think the combination of flavors is just exactly wrong.

You know… I came into this thread specifically so that I could type ‘More whiskey!’ and what’s the first reply?

Sorry 'bout that, but it was seriously the first thing that crossed my mind. . . :smiley:

As for NOVEL ideas, here’s a site with whiskey drinks. I’m partial to mint juleps, myself – but I make it with the Official Disney Mint Julep recipe, then add whiskey.

Good whiskey needs nothing. Maybe a little water. No ice…ever. Bad whiskey needs to be poured out.

Mint juleps are good on a hot day.

Actually, soda water (or even tonic) isn’t a bad whiskey companion, nor is ginger ale or lemonade. Crown, however is best served straight up in a glass tumbler, and sipped.

What I have learned is that I am simply not as grizzled as I should be. I’ve grown too used to beer (and, in fact, consider myself something of an amateur connisieur). I used to be able to drink whiskey straight and now I cringe. I think I’ve found my project for the summer! Whiskey tasting! :smiley:

Also, I don’t know how to spell connoisseur.

Right now my opinion is ‘nothing’ but I have to do some research first.

Okay mister, you’re the one convinced me to buy my first bottle of Laphroiag (10-- they were out of the others dammit) which was the first scotch I’d ever had as well. So I know nothing except the water opens up the flavor a bit, but I prefer it neat. What will ice do? In food, cold can make a flavor less intense, does it do the same to add ice to whiskey? Why would you want to taste less of a drink by diluting it or damping the flavor (if that’s what ice does)?

Hmmmm? Tell me, tell me, tell me

I feel like some sort of feral child, raised in the wild by brutish tee-totalers. I can no longer fight my compulsion to walk upright and clothe myself in garments made from small purple velvet bags stamped ‘Crown Royal.’

No one has mentioned tea yet? Ok, I’ll do it. Try mixing it with Iced tea. It’s thirst quenching.

Ice kills the flavors. If whiskey is too cold, there is no nose, no aromatics. A little water can help the nose. It gets all the flavors going. Just a small splash. Good water, please. If you use heavily-chlorinated tap water, you will kill the flavor. If you have good tap water, then use it.

Personally, I prefer to drink my whiskeys neat. But the ones who know (like Booker Noe, etc.) say add a small amount of water.

AshesX2, if you like Islay malts, try Talisker. It’s from Skye, and isn’t as “mediciney” as Islay. ery intense, though. My favorite mid-inter dram. :smiley:

Start here at Whischocsky for some ideas.

(A Whischocsky is a shot of Crown Royal mixed with Chocolate milk, sounds pretty good actually.)

Oooh…this has gotten somewhat interesting. So, for those in the know, can you start recommending whiskeys you like? I don’t know Talisker. In fact, my knowledge of ‘good’ whiskeys is very limited. Mayhaps I should start a new thread about whiskey suggestions.

Also, on the suggestions I’ve received I’m mixing my whiskey with bottled water (as it’s superior to the tap). I think this has produced a better flavor and much less nasty smell. What about ginger ale?

I knew it! Only I didn’t know I knew it. I tried a weensy bit of water and that was good. Next time I slipped and used too much and it was awful. HM, bottled water sometimes has a strong chemical flavor. Maybe one of those water filter pitchers instead?

Funny thing about the Laphroiag silenus, is that sometimes it tastes just perfect with the smokey peat balancing the iodine. Other times the iodine is stronger and I may or may not like it that way. So of course, the only solution is to pour a bit more and continue my studies. Purely for comparison purposes, there may be some Talisker finding it’s way into my shopping cart…

I like whiskey:

With 1 ice cube
In coffee
In lemonade
With soda
With cola
With a good cigar


Try ginger ale (Canada dry or similar), with ice, it’s great.

Of course as said above mixers are only usually required with blended whiskey, neat good quality single malts usually are smooth enough to drink on the rocks with no other additives. The exception IMHO is JD which mixes excellently with coka cola.