Besides H2O, what else can cause my weight swing?

During my recent diet (no, not a New Year’s resolution…more of an October’s resolution) I’ve noticed something w/ my home scale.

My weight can greatly fluctuate during the course of a day, sometimes as much as 8-10 lbs.

Now, I know that the biggest factor to this is water. Water weighs what, like 8lb’s a gallon or something? and not a lot of water in your system will cause fluctuations…

But I’ve noticed that during some time frames, where I haven’t drank anything, urinated, or worked out (no real perspiration), I’ve still witnessed a two to three pound weight swing over the course of a few hours.

So my big question is - what else can cause this? Specifically, can the pull of the Moon, which is strong enough to cause tides, also cause enough of a gravity change while it’s directly over or under me to cause this weight swing?

No, it’s not the moon. A mosquito on your skin exerts a stronger gravitational pull on you than the moon does.

I suspect it’s some combination of water and food intake, the amount of clothing/footwear you have on, and inaccurate scales.

Water weighs 1kg/l, which comes to roughly 8lb/US gallon, yes.

People underestimate how much their footwear and clothing weigh. You can easily wear 10 lbs of stuff or more. People also overestimate how accurate the scales are. You can lose water without expelling it through the usual route - evaporation from sweat, saliva and tears. Blood loss. Runny nose. Spitting. Vomiting. However, there’s really no mechanism to acquire any significant amount of weight without putting it in you or on you somehow.

Are you male or female? When I have my period, my weight does really funny things.

Don’t forget breathing! You lose around a liter a day just by breathing.

I just found out that my bathroom scale reading can vary as much as 4 lb, just by standing on it differently. Something you might want to look into.