Best #1 Country Song of the Year 1957 [POLL]

In 1957, as in the previous year, the rock and roll phenomenon makes itself felt on the country chart. There are eleven songs to choose from, including Marty Robbins’s song carrying over from '56. Which tune do you prefer?

Since it’s admittedly not a very country list, I don’t feel bad casting the first vote for Jerry Lee Lewis.

What you said, except my vote was cast for the Everly Brothers’ “Bye Bye Love” (but it was almost cast for Sonny James).

Except I voted for “Young Love”, but almost voted for “Bye, Bye Love.”

Good man (or, indeed, woman). “Young Love” is a great-damn-song.

Up until the early 60s, the line between Country and Rock n’ Roll was pretty blurry so there was a lot of overlap on the charts. The same was also true for R&B and Rock n’ Roll.

Oh yeah, it goes beyond the 60’s. Johnny Cash straddled the line (heh) for most of his career, and Willie Nelson continued blurring the line between Jazz and Country. All of the people on the list did songs that most people would consider a more straight form of country, but a lot of the ones that went #1 this year were pretty Rock n’ Roll.

“Wake Up Little Susie” since it’s only song I really like.

This will probably be the toughest call of many a year.

Marty Robbins–White Sport Coat

It has led to many lobster-based prom outfits.

Ok, I’m totally lost.

Who shot who in the what, now?

Plus there was also the matter of how the charts were set up. They were based on reports from stations that played a lot of country music; however a lot of those also played a mix of other types of music. (In a 1961 survey, only eighty stations in the entire country played only country music.) It wasn’t till the 60s that they only used stations that specialized in country.