Best #1 Country Song of the Year 1961 [POLL]

Aaand the covered wagon time machine brings us to the year 1961 in country music (or, as it was still termed by Billboard, the Best Selling Retail Folk [Country & Western] Records chart). There are nine songs to choose from this year, including the reappearance of “Wings of a Dove” from last year. Which song do you choose?

I Fall to Pieces" - Patsy Cline, because it was innovative for that time. Country and a bit of jazz together. Patsy was an artist not easily defined by any one style.

Wings of a Dove" - Ferlin Husky I love this song. Play it often. It’s standard country gospel.

1961 was an iconic year for country. I know nearly all these songs. Heard them growing up in the 70’s.

Patsy Cline, without a second thought. What a magnificent voice and phrasing. She was all over the pop charts back then, as well. Kitty Wells, who had been the reigning queen prior to that, must have seen the writing on the wall.

Anything by Patsy Cline is better than anything by anyone else.

I’ll give these a listen and vote tonight.

I liked Big Bad John, but yeah, I Fall to Pieces is the clear winner.

I have the time, so I decided to give it a listen. Sure I just turned 28, but why not give it a shot instead of wallow in my youthful ignorance?

I gave all a listen and while I did not fall in love with any, better one was “Big Bad John”. I do not get the Patsy Cline love at all.

Put a few years on the ol’ odometer, and you jes’ might. (I say this, naturally, as one who actually cast his vote for Willie’s-by-way-o’-Faron “Hello Walls”. But “I Fall to Pieces” was THISclose.)

Well, I’m glad I can vote for Faron Young/Willie Nelson with a clear conscience. You can hear the beginning of Willie’s vocal phrasing, even if the backup vocals make you giggle (they make me giggle a bit). If it’d been Crazy, I would have had to go with Patsy Cline.

Nema98, she might genuinely not be your thing, but try her other stuff on for size if you haven’t already heard a lot of it, particularly the aforementioned song and Walkin’ After Midnight. She had great pipes, and used them appropriately.

Ironically, Crazy was written by Willie Nelson.

I can’t choose right now. Like the others upthread, two strong choices. And, I grew up listening to them and buying the records at the time they came out.

Here’s a link to a great short YouTube video of Willie Nelson in 1965 on the Grand Old Oprey singing a 4-song medley of his songs–Hello Walls, Funny How Time Slips Away, The Night Life, and Crazy.

Willie as you never saw him.

Anything by Patsy Cline. Anything.

Had to go with Hello Walls. You had to be 17 and there. If that song was a 10.0, Patsy was a 9.9.

Nah, it’s not ironic. I knew that Willie wrote Crazy, that’s why I would have had to go with it. :slight_smile:

Patsy cline without a doubt.

"You walk byyyyyy
And I
Fall to pieces "

I will give her stuff a listen, I will listen to her and other songs for the 1962 poll and see where I stand.

Thanks all for the suggestions. She is one of the options on the 62’ poll.

Thanks for the advert, Nema98.

If’n you want to vote in said poll, here’s a direct link to the '62 poll. (And I hope I’ve not violated any board rules by posting the link. One thousand apologies if I have.)

Patsy, again (see 1962).

Patsy Cline. Didn’t even consider the other poll options for this year. That song and her performance was simply incredible.
(She didn’t get my vote for 1962, though.)