Best #1 hit of 2012?

The above poll options are the songs which have reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 this year. Which is your favorite?

If I have to pick one, it’s Call Me Maybe. I don’t mind it, I actually kind of like it, it’s catchy without being obnoxious. Somebody That I Used To Know annoys me to the point that I’ll get up (at work) to go change it. It really bugs me.

What he/she said, but exactly reversed. The Gotye song is a refreshing change, while the other apparently was written by the “Friday, Friday” song team.

I am surprised to see **LMFAO **- “Sexy and I Know It” on the list. If someone asked me, I would have said that song is over two years old.

The first time I heard Someone That I Used to Know it was the cover version by Walk Off The Earth*. In fact, it was the first time I had heard of them and I was utterly impressed. A few months later I heard the original version and didn’t think much of it. Then it was on the air every 15 minutes and it was just another pop song. Then I saw the video and that’s what really turned me off of it. For whatever reason, seeing him, shirtless, yelling the chorus changed it from ‘another annoying pop song in the background’ to a song I actively dislike.

*They’ve done some pretty creative covers if you haven’t had a chance to check them out.

I almost went with .fun because, though I despise the song, I think Janelle Monae is a terrific creative artist. But I went with Bruno Mars, who is a pretty dynamic performer, and sings music which is mildly hip, listenable, and not overly derivative.

Picked Kellbell’s song but also like:

“We Found Love”
“Never Ever Getting Back Together”
“We are Young”

I went with “Diamonds” simply because the song was written by Sia.

“We Found Love” is an absolutely stonking tune.

I think these songs just hit #1 this year, regardless of when they came out. The Gotye song is over a year old too - it’s on my list of song recs for last December, and a doper rec’d it to me in November.

Somebody That I Used To Know is a 2012 song??? So it’s only been bugging the hell out of me for less than 12 months? Feels like an eternity.

Call Me Maybe sealed it for me when it got released to Rock Band 3.

Although I am sure I heard most if not all of them, one of the few that I know by name is We Re Young so I picked that. I also knew Call Me Maybe but that’s awful.

I cannot believe that I listen to a Top 40 station for 20 minutes every day of the week and never heard Somebody I Used To Know. I’d like to change my vote to that.

To me, “Hard To Love” from country singer Lee Brice is the best of the songs that went all the way this year. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

God bless you and him always!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Most of these songs make me want to stab my ears with an ice pick. I think the Adele and fun. songs are tolerable. But Somebody That I Used To Know is actually enjoyable to me even after hearing it a million times.

I must be pretty good at avoiding top 40 music. I’ve only heard 4 of those.

I agree about Walk Off The Earth. They have some interesting stuff and their version of that song is pretty good.

I guess I benefit from not listening to the radio that much, so I never have a chance to get sick of a song simply because it is overplayed on a daily basis. Apologies in advance for continuing to pick on it, but I just find that “Call Me Maybe” song inane and way too repetitive. There is another song out now that competes with that one making me cringe. It goes something like: “I am not a fly guy, looking for a drive by. I am very groovy, just like in a movie.” <shiver> The quick forced rhymes–it reminds me of poetry that a sixth grader would write.

That would be “Drive By” by Train, and the actual lyrics are considerably worse than what you’ve come up with.

Where’s the choice for “I don’t believe I’ve heard any of these songs”?

We are young is my personal favorite, but Somebody that I used to know is objectively a better song and I am absolutely thrilled that it won the year-end hot 100 billboard chart.

Call me maybe got 2nd, which I also loved. And then my personal favorite of the year was number 3. A good year for music, all around.

I think Bruno Mars could be dropped into 1976 1986 or 1966 and be huge… I love Locked out of Heaven and the Grenade song… I get my fill of top 40 with a 13 yr old… but Bruno Mars… he’s exceptional…