Best #1 Modern/Alternative Rock Song of the '80s/'90s

Now that the polls are done, let’s narrow it down by decade. Since there were only 2 years of charts for the '80s, I’m lumping them in with the '90s picks. I’m including the songs that got the highest scores for each year - in the event of ties, I’ll include both songs that got the highest number of votes.

Voted for Oasis. Their song stands above those others.

Me, too. It was between that and “Veronica” for me, though I suspect Nirvana will probably pull ahead at some point.

This was the toughest vote so far, for me at least. Except for Wonderwall (can Oasis get any more whiny?) and Orange Crush (REM meet the shark. Jump!), I really liked all these songs.

I totally agree.

I went with “1979”, here. Lots of good choices. Also-rans for me are “Veronica” and “Wonderwall,” but “1979” has special meaning to me.

1979 for me too, although I prefer a couple off Siamese Dream even more.

N: SLTS. This was the alt song of the decade for me, by the alt band of the decade.

I ended up going with Nirvana, though really a lot of these songs are more “like” than “love”. Maybe I’ve just heard them way too much by this point.

That entire album is great start-to-finish. (That said, there’s a nostalgic vibe to “1979” that I love, and it’s a solid piece of pop songwriting. Then again, all the songs on this list are solid pop songwriting, in my estimation.)

I wanted to vote for Jane’s Addiction, but since I couldn’t vote for Jane Says, I didn’t.

In any case, the correct answer is Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Went with ‘1979’, although the other offerings were reasonably strong contenders (yes, including Orange Crush). Although I have to agree with Plankton - if “Jane Says” was there instead of peaking at #6 US, it would have gotten my vote.

Nirvana will probably come ahead with this poll with “SLTS”; alas my favorite song of theirs - “Come As You Are” - was barely an Also-Ran, peaking at #32 US Billboard (add another entry for the “Obvious things about a creative work you realize after the millionth time” thread - the guitar riff on that song is “borrowed” from another favorite song of mine, Killing Joke’s “Eighties”.)

Wow, I like a ton of 80s alternative, but I hate most every song on that list. I guess the stuff I liked never got close to number 1.

Smells Like Teen Spirit it is, then.

Hard not to go with Nirvana. Many in the music industry have compared their impact to that of The Beatles back in the 60s and rated Teen Spirit as one of the greatest albums made.

“All Apologies” - I like it far better than SLTS.

Nirvana - SLTS.

It’s funny, I’m a huge Foo fan, and I think Learn To Fly is one of their least interesting/more boring songs. How did that one make the cut?

(Nit: Smells Like Teen Spirit was on the album Nevermind; otherwise, agreed!)


Nirvana - All Apologies. Their Unplugged album is one of my all-time favorites.

Nothing–and I mean nothing–makes me reach to change the radio station (or hit ‘skip’ on Pandora) faster than the opening line of an Oasis song.

Not as whiny as Closing Time. It makes me reach to change the song whenever I hear it. Which is weird because I like All About Chemistry and don’t mind some of their other stuff.