Best #1 single of the year retrospective: 2002

Welcome, my friends, to the dawning of the Age of Crunk. It is now 2002, and with Nickelback and Usher both carrying over, we have the smallest poll to date; a mere nine singles reached #1 this year (so hopefully this one won’t be too hard to make a decision on.)

What’s your favorite?

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No contest here. “Lose Yourself” is a hell of a song, and one of the best of the decade.

Yeah, no contest for me this year. Eminem in a landslide.

Went with Nelly since Eminem has many votes and will win the poll. Could haves voted for Nickelback, Kelly ( good debut), Usher and Ja Rile and J. Lo. But I voted for Lopez last year. So Nelly got my vote.

Yep…Lose Yourself.

You say that, yet it is.

I may go with Eminem, but I keep thinking of Weird Al’s “Couch Potato” so I have to listen to the original. Weird Al ruins a lot of songs for me that way.

Yeah, Eminem really does walk away with it this year. “Hot In Herre” is a distant second place.

Nelly w/ Kelly Rowland - *Dilemma *, without enthusiasm but:

  • I remember it.
  • It’s not bad.
  • It’s got no votes so far.

If this contest were a marathon, Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” would finish with an 8 Mile lead over the next best song, Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.” (Get the reference? Clever, huh?) This year probably has the biggest disparity between my favorite and second-favorite songs in all the years to date, perhaps rivalling even 2009 and 2014.

All of the other songs are the out-of-shape runners who give up after the first half mile. “Dilemma” is dead-ass last.

We need a “none’a this crap” option.

I don’t know that song. Who’s it by?

Yep, Eminem followed by Nelly.

Or better yet do not vote for if nothing satisfies you.

Anyways anyone remember the Norah Jones song “Don’t Know Why”, got lots of airplay, not enough to hit #1.

Is this our first poll-winner that’s also an Oscar-winner? In both cases, well-deserved.

Eminem. Easily.

There’s no competition in this list for Eminem.

I voted for Eminem.

I think I’m that only person that didn’t like Hot in Herre. I liked Country Grammar and the St. Lunatics albums and thought whatever album Hot in Herre came out on was a step backwards.

Eminem at the top and Hot in Herre as a semi-distant 2nd.

Obviously Eminem wins this, but I think the ascendance of Kelly Clarkson is noteable. Crappy song, but she is about to crank out 1-2 surprisingly listenable hits per year for the next decade.

Not a close call.