Best album not on CD

I apologise if this thread has come up before, but it’s hard to search for terms like ‘CD’ here.

Anway… this was sparked by the fact I just managed to pick up a copy of the great Neil Young record On The Beach, which has only finally made it onto the 5" shiny format almost thirty years after being released, and almost twenty years after CD became the format of choice for rock music.

I was wondering if anyone could nominate important, forgotten or otherwise valuable records which have yet to see the light of day on CD (officially - there’s probably quite a few that are only on bootleg CD). With everything from the Godz records for ESP-disk to the back catalogue of seemingly everyone else making it onto remastered, repackaged discs (worthless bonus cuts optional), I’d like to hear what the record companies have overlooked.

My nomination is for the mass of DIY/post-punk tapes from the early 80’s, which I’d really like to hear (check the last couple of issues of Ugly Things magazine for details). From Danny and the Dressmakers to the Homosexuals - I want 'em all!

How about yours?

I’d say the Smashing Pumpkins’ Machina II out of impulse, but I never really got into that album.

Actually, my favorite, well - after Weezer’s disappointing ‘green’ album, they began to record and release demos on their web site. My brother took about 10 of them, and put them on a cd for me. I still love it. Since then, the songs were reworked and were eventually put on their next album, but I never liked them much in that form.

I couldn’t tell if we were discounting bootlegs or not, but if we’re not, I’d say one of the Velvet Underground bootlegs I have. If we are, well, I’m not actually sure if this has ever been on an official CD, but it’s certainly not now, to the detriment of mankind. Total Destruction of your Mind by Swamp Dogg is one of the greatest forgotten masterpieces of all time by a nearly-always-overlooked genius. I’ve seen Gag a Maggot (another of his greats) on CD, but never Total Destruction.

The two albums the Doors recorded after the death of Jim Morrison have never been released on CD to the best of my knowledge, which is a darn shame - It’s great music, if not necessarily typical Doors fare.

Good choice on the Doors albums Smati; “Other Voices” is well worth reissuing.

It looks like the first album by Renaissance is unavailable on CD. This isn’t the same group that became a minor art rock success later (e.g. Ashes are Burning), but the original, led by former Yardbirds Keith Relf and Jim McCarty. The music had an edge to it and John Hawken was a truly amazing pianist.

There’s an old folk-rock album by a group led by two women – “Joy of Cooking.” I would definitely get it if it ever came out on CD, which is pretty darned unlikely, since I’m probably the only person who remembers it.

Well, it wasn’t a masterpiece, but I’d still love to find a CD of The Splatcats album Sin '73. It’s an unheralded '80s gem of retro-primitivist garage rock 15 years before The White Stripes cashed in on the sound.

Dave Mason & Cass Elliott did a limited release record back in the '70s that was simply awesome. I only got a copy because my dad was with a record label. I’ve never seen it in any store since, either on vinyl, cassette or cd.

The Mason and Elliott record was released; it reach #49 on the Billboard charts, so a few copies were sold, but it was considered a flop. But it is available on CD in any case, though as an import.

To my knowledge nothing by the now-defunct and highly underrated power-pop group The Elvis Brothers is available on CD. I have the original vinyl but would pay money for a clean version.

Chris W

“At the Drop of a Hat” by Flanders and Swann.

(If you’ve ever heard of it, you’re probably thinking, “But it’s already on CD!” Ah, but there were two separate recordings of the show – one from the final performance, and one from another, earlier performance. The “final” one is the one on CD – but I’ve always loved the earlier recording, which, among other things, has an extra song.)


“And Then We Wrote” by Flanders and Swann. I have a tape copy of the LP which I have since digitised and cut to CD, but it’d be nice to have an “official” release.

(Why, yes, I do like F&S. Why do you ask?)

That’s readily available…here’s the version I have, with the original cover and bonus tracks; and here’s a newer (and cheaper) edition with the American cover, but no bonus tracks.

I don’t think either of the two Dead Boys studio albums have been released on CD, although the rough mix versions have. The first record is one of the best albums EVER.

The Dictators Manifest Destiny album hasn’t been re-released on CD yet either (although Bloodbrothers and Go Girl Crazy have) and neither has the essential early 80s punk comp, Let Them Eat Jellybeans.


I don’t think Stiff Records’ Akron comilation ever came out on CD. That was a great album.

Just about everything by Allan Sherman. There’s a “greatest hits” CD, a few tracks on the Dr. Demento compilations and not much else. :frowning:


The awesome Talking Heads live comp album The Name of This Band is Talking Heads. So much better than Stop Making Sense (and I think that’s a great album), and the only place where “A Clean Break” can be found.

Speaking of The Doors, the only Doors album I ever needed, the awesome Weird Scenes Inside The Gold Mine comp has never been released on CD.


Neither Warren Zevon’s Stand in the Fire, one of the best live albums of the 80’s, and The Envoy have been released on CD.

I have a feeling I’ve seen a copy of Young, Loud and Snotty on CD, but not having heard it, I don’t know if it’s yet another remix version (like that Younger, Louder and Snottier hoax). But hell, if the Rocket From the Tombs tapes can make it to CD, you’d think the Dead Boys wouldn’t have any trouble ;).

Barnes and Noble have got all three vintage Dics albums on CD, although MD is a high priced Japanese import (I got to 'em through AMG.)

On a personal note - I just found out that the Homosexuals tapes which I was lamenting the lack of reissue of are being readied for release as we speak! Not that that’s particularly exciting for anyone else, but maybe this thread is good luck for your favourite lost disc :smiley: