Best and non-laggy VPN for online gaming

We tried HideMyAss VPN but it was kind of laggy. I would like to see your recommendations/suggestions/advices.

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Most cheap VPNs are over-provisioned and laggy and not suitable for gaming, where latency and bandwidth both matter. They’re barely adequate for browsing.

If money and time are no objects, you couldroll your own with an Amazon EC2 account, but even under the best-case scenario, you’ll be adding a few additional hops between yourself and the game server, so additional lag is unavoidable.

Why do you need a VPN for gaming, anyhow? Depending on the situation, sometimes making a VPN out of your home computer and network might make sense too (because at least you’re in the same town, and maybe the same ISP, as your VPN client).

actually, i did try hidemyass too. and i didnt get good results, in fact my net speed literally died.
It was giving even more bad latency as compared to what i was getting.

i dont know how HMA works, does it even have servers in all those countries which it states in its client.
Now why do you need vpn for gaming? I play MMO games. and you know servers of MMO are not situated in your neighborhood (at least not in my case), so for that matter, i use vpn.

I play DOTA and WOW, my current location is South Asia,

nearest server for DOTA 2 is South East Asia, I get 135+ ms when i dont connect VPNS, when i do, it reduces down to 88ms ( i can even provide you SS for that matter if you want to see ). I use purevpn, and i am quite happy with the results. I’ve been using it from months now. You should try it out aswell.