Best and Worst T.V. Show Theme Songs Ever

To me, the uncontested worst T.V. Show theme ever is the theme to NUMB3RS. I love the show, but the theme makes me wince.

I’ve never been a big fan of the CSI theme either. The song by itself is awesome, I just think as a theme song for CSI it’s stupid and obvious. If Roger Daltry were dead, he’d be spinning in his grave.

Compared to those two themes, the “Two and a Half Men” theme is brilliant, poetic masterpiece.

My nominee for the best TV show theme is from “Veronica Mars” (“We Use to be Freinds” by the Dandy Warhols)

Best: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Nerfherder got just the right tone for the show…driving, screaming, accelerating.

Worst: The Nanny. Lame and vapid.

Classic: Star Trek:TOS

I’m a fan of the classics. Gilligan’s Island, Mr. Ed, Green Acres, Welcome Back Kotter and The Greatest American Hero to name a few. I’ll also give a nod to MST3K (I would love any song with a robot roll call).

As for instrumentals, I’d say Sanford and Son and Taxi.

I’m not really sure if you’d call it a song or just an opening, but the beginning of Listen Up bugs me (all the characters shouting the name of the main character until he shouts “Listen Up!”)

I honestly can’t think of any theme songs I really hate.

The opening to That 70’s Show is one of the worst in television.

Welcome Back Kotter had one of the best theme songs in television history.

Other memorable ones:

It’s Gary Shandling’s Show
The Andy Griffith Show

Oh, how about the opening theme music to Barney Miller? What the hell was that supposed to be anyway?

I love the opening theme to The Sopranos, those first few notes get me psyched up for the show every time I hear them.

I also like the theme song for The Office. It was an interesting choice to use a somewhat melancholy song for a comedy, I think it works well.

The Star Trek: Enterprise opening theme was so awful that upon hearing it for the first time on the show’s premiere, I changed the channel and refused to watch that show ever again.

Best: the original Twilight Zone, hands-down.

It’s too bad you stopped watching. They made the theme to Enterprise EVEN WORSE last season, when they added some extra drums or something.

To me, though, the Enterprise theme is at least forgiveable due to the message they are presenting with the video montage. It’s somewhat inspirational…

Amen on Green Acres, Kotter, and TGAH. Three songs I sing endlessly whenever I hear them! Believe it or not! :stuck_out_tongue:

The worst: Friends. It’s a dopey feel good song and I hate all the goofy stuff the actors do during the credits.

The best: Rockford Files. Can’t say why other than it’s just a great song. I just love the sound of it.

I agree since it communicated just the right tone for the show: Edgy and just a little disturbing. Other examples of themes songs that seemed to express the show are: Mission Impossible and Peter Gunn.

Jeez, am I old, or what?

I like:
The Odd Couple;
Hawaii 5-0;
Knight Rider;
Fat Albert;
What’s Happenin’.

I heartily agree. Bad, even by the low standards of a Diane Warren-penned song. It especially irritated me that the splash credits at the opening of every episode trumpeted “theme by Diane Warren.” Blech.

For best, I’ve always had a soft-spot for this one:

Or this one:

Thank god… someone else agrees with me about CSI. I used to get into arguments with my parents over that damned show and its theme song because it JUST DOESN’T FIT with the tone of the series.

That, and I hated it and I occasionally had to watch it during dinner. Feh.

Cheers was a good one that made you think about sort of the underlying melancholy of the series (oh, man, you know you’re an English minor when…)

The X-Files was another excellent mood-setter.

Funny, my favorites all seem to be instrumentals …

Hawaii 5-O
Rockford Files
The Waltons
Mission Impossible

My favorite full vocal themes would probably be …

Welcome Back Kotter

Ahem. Jack of All Trades, the short-lived Bruce Campbell-starrer.

Best. Themesong. Ever.

That was a great little ditty. Cute visuals that went with it, too. Too bad the show didn’t last.

I really enjoyed the interplay between Bruce Campbell and Angela Dotchin. Verne Troyer was very funny, too, in small doses (which is the only size dose he comes in).


I have always enjoyed:

Bosom Buddies
Sanford and Son
All in the Family
The Jeffersons
Rescue Me
and what about the great Wonder Years and Cheers

Left out Sesame Street, but couldn’t live with myself unless I added it.

If you like that, you would have LOVED the theme to the 50’s sitcom “I Married Joan.” It featured an a capella men’s choir.

For instrumentals, I think “Peter Gunn” may be the coolest theme ever, with “Mission Impossible,” “Twilight Zone” and “Hawaii 5-0” close behind.

For vocals, I really liked the “Beverly Hillbillies” – especially the full-length version with the banjo/fiddle breakdown. “Green Acres” perfectly captured the fractured surrealism of the show. And I always had a soft sport for “WKRP in Cincinatti” which was surprsingly sad for a sitcom.