Best anti-fog treatment for ski goggles?

What do you find to be the best anti-fog treatment for ski goggles? (I use double lens, high flow through, fan blown googles, and use the Smith anti-fog cloth application, but they gradually fog up when it is below -30 because my face sweats.)

Call the local ER and ask, it’s the best place to get an answer. He may even have to go in and get checked out. The eyes could easily have been hurt. Good luck.


Spit in them. Rub it around the inside. Works for every kind of helmet/face mask I’ve ever used.

Perhaps look for some antiperspirant you can use on your face.

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This must be a record for longest time between original question and first response.

Oh yeah, Brains!

I don’t know if this will work in cold tempatures, when I play paintball I use dishwashing detergent inside my mask to prevent fogging up. I apply a little to my fingers and rub the inside of the mask . Works all the time.

After over half a dozen years . . . spam. :smack:

On the chance that Tracen was trying to be nice as opposed to spamming, then welcome to the Boards, and thanks for the advice, but my eyes are fine. It is my face’s perspiration that is the problem, but that too is quite normal given the level of exertion for moderate telemark bump / mogul skiing, which is when I start to work up a sweat, e.g. or

M. Le Ministre, yes, good old Kanuk spit works well at warmer temperatures, as do any number of wax, oil or glycerine formulations, including hockey visor anti-fog preparations (and soap, Ibanez), but once the temp drops below -30, even the finest spit from the [del]wine[/del] DNA cellar of the Forum does not do the trick.

kanicbird, I’ll try anti-persperant well below my eyes next season (the cold weather for this season is past). Obviously I won’t be putting it near or above my eyes.

In the years since I posted my query, I have tried three things that have helped a lot. First, a vented helmet that lets me open the vents when perspiring, and close the vents when I have cooled down or when I am cruising. Second, baby powder on my face underneath my mask. I just make sure to take off my mask in the washroom and clean up a bit. :smiley: Third, I tape in a couple of desiccant satchels.

Time to go ski.