Best Anti-Spyware Scanner?

Well, what is it? Is there a difference between ones you pay for and ones you download for free?

How does one know?

Since this question will necessairily involve opinions, albeit informed ones, lets put it in IMHO.

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Webroot Spy Sweeper won awards from several US and UK magazines, so that’s one I’d consider if I were you. Note that I use free software, including Windows Defender, Spybot and Ad-Adware, mostly because I’m a cheapskate.

I agree with Dewey, if you are going to pay for one, Spy Sweeper is reliable. In addition to Windows Defender, Spybot and Ad-Adware, I also recommend the free trial of Ewido, which was recently acquired by Grisoft, the makers of AVG Free Edition AntiVirus.

Unfortunately, there is no single, silver bullet spyware application that will remove all infections. The multi-application, belt-and-suspenders approach is the usually the most effective, though even that can leave some persistent invaders that must be removed one by one.

Sorry for the slight hijack, but what about free antivirus apps? Which is the best?

Fear Itself, how does one manually remove them without an application that does it for ya?

My Microsquish Internet Explorer craps out before the online scan finishes. What the fuck?
Computers bad. Bad, I tells ya.


There are some infections which are not yet removable by the major scanners, though there are custom tools that will remove them individually. I have found the best place to stay ahead of these ever mutating pests is the Bleeping Computer Spyware Removal Guides & Self-Help forum. Here you will find updated guides to removing all of the current spyware infestations. Another good resource is SpywareInfo’s Malware forum, where you can get individualized support in remove the nasties from your computer.

Hm. I mave have to tinker.

Gracias, amigo.