Best Arcade in Southern California

Just realized I lived in LA my entire life but never knew of a good arcade that wasn’t a chain place like Dave and Busters or Chuck E Cheese.

So what’s the best arcade in Los Angeles (or even San Diego)? Looking for a pure arcade experience (not discounting barcades or bowling alleys with arcades but want there to definitely have plenty of arcade machines) and don’t really care for redemption games, just classic arcade games from any era. Want there to be enough machines that I can easily spend two hours or more there, as opposed to the places that just have a dozen or so arcade games that you can quickly walk through in about an hour.

Places that still have vector graphics games are a plus.

The One Up. Located on Ventura Bl. in Sherman Oaks, CA. (About five miles north of West Hollywood, next to Studio City, North Hollywood.)

Get a drink, or some food, all games are free. I prefer to spend time on the classics, like Dig Dug, Zaxxon, Galaga, etc.

List of games, menu.

ETA: OOOH! And JOUST, of course.