BEST "As Seen on TV" products.

I am very happy with my copper fry pan and my Showtime rotisserie. I love my tac-light. I admit to being very tempted by the thing that shoots butter on your food.

So, in response to the other thread about bad experiences with “As Seen on TV” products, here is a place for those with good experiences!

I love my Vidalia Wizard (think that’s the name). I can chop onion, green peppers, celery, apples, potatoes, etc. so fast and easy. Cuts down on the onion tears too. I’ve been using the same one for at least 6 years and it’s still going strong.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, Rain-X is the shit! Good stuff.

Seconding the copper fry pans. We bought a bunch of other things they make and they are all terrific.

I tried that for dicing onions, but it failed at the hinge joint after a while. That was using about an inch thick section of onion.

The Vidalia Chop Wizard, yes! I love mine for when I want things chopped small or uniformly. I have to admit my husband hates it because of the WHAM! noise, but I usually give him a heads-up. Sometimes I don’t.

the things ive used mighty putty om are still holding and the natural orange cleaner works wonders and I still have a half a bottle

Before Grandma had her stroke the One Touch Jar opener and One Touch Can opener were useful. Afterward they were essential.


I didn’t see it on TV, since I don’t watch those channels, but in the “As Seen on TV Store” I bought a plastic microwave cover - to put over food in the microwave to avoid splatters. My wife laughed at it. We’ve used it at least twice a day for the past 6 years at least.

We use our Air Fryer XL, a lot and are very happy with it. It works well as a fryer, and use it for stuff that we would normally use the oven for. It’s much quicker, and doesn’t heat up the entire kitchen.

you might like the new ones that fit over the round carousel and are magnetic so it can sit on the roof of the microwave…

Just bought one from QVC! Love it. You don’t have to find somewhere to store it. I bought a few that I will be giving as gifts.

I got one of the Foreman grills a few years ago. It’s awesome for chops and chicken breasts and bacon. I’m still working on getting steaks done right on it, though.

I love my FloBee.

Your nickname is “Patches”,right?


The Orange Glo family of stuff worked great for me. In particular, one product that came with the set, “Power Paste”, was more effective than anything else at getting rust and scuff stains out of my sink.