Best B-Sides

I’d argue that it doesn’t belong in a thread titled “Best B-Sides.”


A side We are the champions, B side we will rock you

Going from memory here, with Queen.


Be Kind To My Mistakes, the B-side of Kate Bush’s This Woman’s Work. Also Not This Time the B-side of The Big Sky. Two of my favorite of her songs.

Dear God - XTC

The B-side for Napoleon XIV’s “They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-hhaah!”. Ranks with Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” as pure artistic triumph.’re_Coming_to_Take_Me_Away,_Ha-Haaa!

Oasis, “Acquiesce”…maybe the best thing they did after “Live Forever.”

“Maggie May” by Rod Stewart was initially the B-side to “Reason to Believe” when it was released in the UK. It went on to outperform the A-side.

/Heard this on the radio today.

Oh, look, you have one of the best right there in the OP, darn.

I’d add Joy Division’s Novelty, Dead Souls and These Days

You Know My Name (Look Up the Number) :dubious:

My nomination in the Beatles subcategory of this thread would be Don’t Let Me Down.

They did this with ‘Fat Bottomed Girls/Bicycle Race’ as well. A general plan to release a single with two strong songs meant to go together. It seems to have worked.

Murder by Numbers - The Police. That’s one hell of a song that, curiously, was not on the vinyl but was on the cassette. It was the B-side of the ‘Every Breath You Take’ 45.

Solace, B-side of The Entertainer by Marvin Hamlisch. Sparked my juvenile love of Joplin and ragtime which has continued to this day.

See also “Noollab Wolley”, the B-side to “Yellow Balloon” by the Yellow Balloon.

“Double A-side”.

“The Inner Light” (Lady Madonna) is another big exception.


Strawberry Fields Forever if you count Penny Lane as the A side, which is the way it was treated by AM radio at the time, and Penny Lane if vice versa.

Like I said, almost any…

And like I said, it was nitpicking to point out the two exceptions out of dozens.

“Silver Spring” - B side of “Go Your Own Way” - Fleetwood Mac. Didn’t make it onto an album until the Live one, but was always a concert fave.

Good one. My favorite Fleetwood Mac song.

Take Your Time - Lynyrd Skynyrd
I’m In Love With My Car - Queen