Best bar songs?

I guess these would go hand-in-hand with drinking songs, but they have more of a bar (where nobody is dancing) feel to them than regular drinking songs.

My contributions:

Dropkick Murphys - Barroom Heroes

Replacements - Here Comes a Regular

Okay, I’ve never actually heard that second one in a bar, but it certainly would be cool if I did. Next time I go to a bar with an Internet Jukebox, I’ll have to look it up.

Whoops. The title of the DKM song is actually “Barroom Hero.” Singular. I don’t know why I always screw that up. Perhaps it’s because I’m usually drinking in a bar when I hear it. :slight_smile:

Six Pack by 3 Dead Trolls In A Baggie

A Dublin Lullaby by 3 Dead Trolls In A Baggie

Two Dollar Whore for a country western type bar.
They have free mp3 to sample. I got these two a couple years ago, so I don’t know exactly what they have to offer now.

They have a ton of great stuff like What Joe Saw On the Internet, My Friends Mom, and Keep Your Parents Off The Internet.

Captain Tractor - Up The Hill, Another Drinking Song and Dublin Lullaby

They’re an awesome bar band (which is mostly where they play).

Toby Keith - I Love This Bar

Jimmy Buffett - Livingston Saturday Night

Jimmy Buffett - Kick It In Second Wind

My first thought was “Why Don’t We Get Drunk”, which I just now found out is also sung by Jimmy Buffett.

Put that one on the jukebox and I guarantee you’ll have the whole crowd singing along.

It will open to 3 Dead Trolls.
Captain Tractor is on the selection underneath.

The Arrogant Worms was good, so was Carolyn Mark.
I’ll be checking out the others on the list.

Mekong - The Refreshments.

Where I hang out, the sing-along song is Friends in Low Places. It doesn’t even have to be close to 2 a.m. to get people going with that one.

We really need a new song.

RE: Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie

I’d always loved their humorous songs from years ago, but on listening to several of their songs now, they do actually seem to have some musical talent! “It’s All Your Fault,” while humorous, is actually a good song.

Or maybe it’s because I’m drunk. I’ll decide in the morning.

They kind of remind me of They Might be Giants (that’s high praise from me!).

I’ll nominate two, with excerpts of the lyrics:

1)Waylon Jennings’s Honky Tonk Heroes:
Piano roll blues, danced holes in my shoes
There weren’t another other way to be
For loveable losers, no account boozers
And honky tonk heroes like me


2)Emmylou Harris’s I’ll be Your San Antone Rose
If they’ll play another love song
And if that Miller Highlife light stays dim
And if you’ll keep my glass full of whiskey
I’ll whisper words I wish I’d said to him

Just ask me to dance all the slow ones
Hold me close and take me 'cross the floor
I’ll gently lay my head on your shoulder
And pretend this never happened before

I don’t want to hear a sad story
We both already know how it goes
So if you’ll be my tall dark stranger
I’ll be your San Antone Rose

Damn, I knew I’d forget a great one!

Chris Hillman’s High Fashion Queen:

In a dark room filled with music, wine and laughter
Your eyes keep searching for her constantly

Is it that one in the corner with her eyes filled with tears
Or is she the one who’s having fun drinking too much beer

Every night it’s the same sad old procedure
The doorman winks at you on your way out
Cause deep inside he knows just what your after
And he’s got something you can’t live without

On Thursday I went drinking with some friends at our local bar. Someone put on Gin Blossoms’ “Hey Jealousy” and pretty soon everyone was singing along. Before that people were singing to “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

The Have Nots - X

Closing Time - Leonard Cohen

Anything by Patsy Cline or Hank Williams.

Thin Lizzy - The Boys are Back in Town

My Ding A Ling by Chuck Berry.

Puppy Love by Donny Osmond.

*I’ll get my coat now

That reminds me - same name, but not the same song: “Closing Time” by Semisonic.

Another last call number I’ve heard DJs play at some of the less polite bars I’ve been to is the traditional Irish song “Bugger Off”:

Closing Time by Fairport Convention

Butcher Town by Da Yoopers

“I Hope That I Don’t Fall in Love With You” by Tom Waits.

Beautiful sad song about closing time at a bar.

Natalie Merchant did an amazing cover of it.