Best birthstones of all?

Inspired by the November birthstone thread going on now. I’m a September baby and so am sapphire. I recently got a sapphire necklace from my grandmother, and I like it. Blue is my favorite color. Other than sapphire, I also like diamond. (Cliche, but true.)

What do you guys like the best?

No brainer; June’s amethyst. It changes color in different types of light (sunlight, incandescent, florescent, UV).

Alexandrite, you mean. :slight_smile: February is amethyst. Natural alexandrites are a fortune but the synthetics are more reasonable and do show a nice color change.

I really like opals. Too bad my birthday is in February!

Amethyst is my favourite.

I’m fond of my own - Garnet - too.

Color shift can be seen in other gems than Alexandrite. This blog entry explains a bit. (I just Googled this, but have read the blogger’s book & enjoyed it.) Only the finest amethysts will have this quality; but even the cheaper ones can be quite lovely.

Mine is the opal but I love garnets best. I do have an opal ring from my great-grandma and some cool Australian opal earrings my parents brought back.

Mine is either diamond or white quartz… Not fair, I wanted something with color!

I like my own - amethyst, the darker the better

Amethyst for sure. Second is emerald.

Mine is aquamarine (March), which is nice but a little too light for my taste.

My tastes in descending order: opals, amethysts, sapphires, garnets, rubies, emeralds, moonstones, diamonds, peridots, aquamarines, golden topazes and finally turquoise. If we use December’s alternate, blue topaz, I’d stick it 'tween pearls and diamonds.

I like bright and rich colors, and the warm creaminess of opals and moonstones. I’m not so fond of the pale watery looking gems. And I’ve never grokked turquoise as a gem. To me, it’s a polished rock. (Well, of course they’re all polished rock, but turquoise just seems so…common.)

I like the emerald, which is my birthstone, because I love green. I just wish it weren’t such a soft gem—makes it hard to wear in jewelry.

Hear, hear. April babies get ripped off.

High-quality Mexican Jelly Opals, Fire Agate, Black Australian Opals, Watermelon Tourmaline.

Some of these, of course, are NOT birthstones. But they’re beautiful. I’m an October gal, BTW.

Emeralds. Not my birthstone but I love the depth of them. Almost none are perfect but have interesting inclusions. I also like rubies. But like emeralds, it’s hard to find a good one.

Same here. I have had lots of beautiful emerald jewellery over the years, but I can’t wear them often.

Garnet. A beautiful red color, not too pink like some rubies.

My favorite is my own and my son’s. Garnet. I also like our birth flower, Carnation.
After those, I love Rubies and Emeralds.

I’m fortunate to be born in January. Garnets are my favorite. The deep, blood red color is just beautiful. Also, they are not terribly expensive, so I have quite a few pieces of jewelry with garnets.

They, umm… both start with “A”?

I was wondering why, when I looked at the Wiki after I posted, the color change was barely mentioned in passing, while it’s the first thing said in the alexandrite article. :smack:

If that’s the dumbest thing I do today, I’m doing alright. :wink: