[Best] bomber ever?

Tu-22M is a pretty devastating bird of prey.

Has it ever actually dropped a bomb or fired a missile in anger? Maybe they used it against Afghanistan or Chechnya? I dunno, but I haven’t heard that it was.

De Havilland did go on to make arguably one of the worst jet airliners ever (the Comet), which tended to fall to earth much like it’s namesake.

The Comet wasn’t so bad. Well, after that whole metal fatigue thing was sorted out anyway.

It’s worth noting that the Comet was the first jetliner ever, and all its successors benefited from the lessons de Havilland had learned.

If not the surviving members of the families. :wink:

Well, presumably they were also airline passengers themselves at some point. :wink:

The B-29 is the only bomber that won a war.

Yes. They used it in Afghanistan, Chechneya, Georgia and Syria.