Best brand of baby nasal suction bulb (AKA "snot-sucker")?

I’m putting together a care package for my best friend /new mom-to-be, and am loving the other threads on the topic here lately. Several of you have mentioned the all-important “nasal suction bulb” or “snot-sucker” and recommended that one get a good one, not skimp, etc. OK, so which ones are good?


usually the hospital gives the new little person one cause they have to use it when they are born. this is the one the hospital gave me when I had my 7 month old AND 4 year old.
Better to get an ear thermometer instead. They come in REAL handy I have 2 of these. One in the babys room and one in the diaper bag.

We liked the one we got at Walmart. The most important thing was that it did not have the safety tip that prevented it from getting anywhere near the snot that was hiding in her nose! The one in pencilpusher’s link is it.

We always called it the snark bubble :slight_smile:

Yep, my first thought was “the soft blue one” and that’s the one pencilpusher linked. Even if she gets one from the hospital, an extra is always good.