Best Cameo in a Television Series

Just cameos-no “all-episode” or “multi-episode” appearances, please.
Mine would be Patrick Duffy and Victoria Principal as Pam and Bobby Ewing(not animated) in the Family Guy episode “Da Boom”.

Suzanne Pleshette in the finale of Newhart


Seconded. This is actually what I came in here to post.

Thirded, first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the title.


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Not counting that frakkin’ Newhart episode, what would you say was the best cameo in a television series?

James Cameron in Entourage?

I liked William Shatner in Police Squad (about 34 seconds in).

Another vote for Suzanne Pleshette.

One that might have topped it would have been if The X-Files could have convinced Johnny Cash to play the “man in black” in the episode Jose Chung’s Men in Black.

An episode of *Caroline In The City *with a cameo by Niles Crane and Daphne.

I see I am not alone in Team Pleshette.

Walter Cronkite in The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Billy Gibbons in Bones? I think he was in 2 episodes, although they were very short. Hope that doesn’t discount it.

Totally on Team Pleshette.

I won’t say best (because that was Suzanne Pleshette- I’m surprised nobody has mentioned it) but some of the most extremely unexpected:

Burt Reynolds on The Golden Girls was a major shocker. This was before he fell from Olympus and was still starring in dreadful movies rather than TV.

Bob Hope on Roseanne- he didn’t say a word and was just in a little blip at the end- Roseanne had witnessed a robbery and said the driver looked kind of like Bob Hope, and at the end he was in a police lineup that was clearly filmed separately. What was most surprising was Hope’s rep as a patriot and USO performer and yet he did the cameo a year after Roseanne’s Star Spangled Banner fiasco.

Tom Hanks on an episode of Tea Leoni’s show The Naked Truth- an unusually big star to do a walk on as himself and slapstick involving his zipper getting stuck. He did it as a favor for his pal Holland Taylor who was a regular on the show.

Thomas Pynchon on The Simpsons

Richard Nixon on Laugh In (I don’t remember it but I’ve seen it many times)

Ethel Kennedy on Cheers

John Cleese was brilliant on an episode of Cheers, but that may have been too big a role to count as a cameo.

There’s another thread about recurring guest stars in long-running series, and someone suggests that they could get away with that in the days before syndication. No one would remember who played a small part that they’d only seen once three years previous. Putting Suzanne Pleshette in the finale of Newhart was the opposite; playing off the comfortable familiarity of Bob Newhart Show reruns to spring one of the best surprises in sitcom history. The crowning moment of a comedy genius.

Sean Penn ‘coming out’ in the Emma Thompson episode of Ellen was hysterical. (Emma Thompson was brilliant as well but too big to be a cameo.) What was particularly funny is that Penn isn’t known for his sense of humor yet he was perfect comic timing.

I never saw it myself, but my wife says she saw an episode of Mad About You with a running gag or theme about “six degrees of separation” and who should show up in the final seconds of the episode but

Kevin Bacon!

Wish I could watch that episode without knowledge beforehand.