Best city in Canada

So what is everyone’s favorite city in Canada?

Well, mine is Victoria, British Columbia, because that is the only city in Canada I have been to beautiful city, nice people, good food, wonderful time.

Vancouver, British Columbia!
Only 2 hours by ferry to Victoria, another beautiful city.
Short trip in any direction to something significant: water falls, mountains, ski resort, ocean, US border, SHOPPING! :slight_smile:

Been 'round the world a few times, and this is always gonna be home base. But ya gotta like rain.

I’ll second the Vancouver vote. Love it here. Been across the country and lived in Montreal for two years. Vancouver is where I wish to remain.

In no particular oder:

Halifax – has the ocean. Great bar scene for people between 18 and 30. On the ocean, and the ocean rocks. Lots of lakes, beaches, surfing, and sailing. Relaxed attitude, and pedestrian right of way. Less rain than Vancover.

Fredericton – great university town. Small, fun, simple. Cheep to live, cheep to play. Very very simple.

Toronto – huge. Has everything you need/want at least within an hour. Subways kick ass. Compared to the other cities mentioned: bar scene is great but damn damn expensive; the “Great” Lakes are a pale comparison to oceans but better than a river or a sea-way.

Vancouver - Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there (I lived there for 6 years)

Personally, I think Calgary has almost everything going for it right now.

Halifax, and Vancouver I’d both say are great. Except my memories are hazy and from about 10-15 years back while on trips with my parents. (Last time I was in Halifax was when I was about 10 and Vancouver when I was about 6)

Calgary is really nice, better looking then Edmonton certainly. But I like it where I am.

not Thunder Bay.

I saw Montreal in a movie and I thought it would be nice to go there…maybe even live there.

Calgary! Calgary! Calgary!

Bah. You’re all wrong. :smiley:

I second the vote for Halifax. Spent some time there on our honeymoon (the rest was on PEI). Really beautiful.

I also second the vote for Not Thunder Bay.

Montreal. I can’t compare anything else to it. I love it here and I don’t want to leave.

Montreal. Definitely. Far and away. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love it here, except for the winters.

Tofino, BC.
Small, beautiful, peaceful, and they’ve got surfing!

Banff, AB comes in second, even though it is the most strikingly gorgeous place I’ve ever been. It just was a bit touristy.

Bah, certainly not Ottawa. This town is a snooze. It seems nice superficially, but it’s soulless. It just kind of sucks the life out of you. I’ll throw in another vote for Halifax.

Windsor, Ontario.
Oh man, I couldn’t even think that with a straight face.

Seriously, although I live in Windsor now, I’m partial to the places where I spent my childhood - Vancouver and Victoria.

I HATE North Bay…ugh…

Ottawa I would love to live in…it’s clean and not busy and lots of museums (I’m a history buff)

Toronto is ok, but it’s too dirty and I hate Mel Lastman…and my parents always vote for him (mainly because there’s no real competition).

Smith Falls Ont: Mainly because of the Hershey Chocolate factory

[sniff]But I live in Thunder Bay :frowning: [/sniff]

I second Gorsnak! If only it weren’t quite so boring…