Best cloud backup solution?

Anyone use cloud storage space for backing up important and/or media files?

What do you use, and why do you like it? Have you tried other services, what didn’t you like about those?

My dream is to have all my stuff, encrypted and backed up to the cloud. My programs, my documents, my music/photos/videos/movies, game saves, etc. Currently everything is stored in a little RAID 5 NAS on my desk, which obviously, doesn’t really offer me protection vs theft/fire/formatting while drunk, etc.

However I’m using 2 TB (out of 4) on my NAS. I can probably get away with backing up only about 1/2 of that to the cloud, but finding 1 TB of cloud storage is hard, and expensive. Services like Jungle disc via Amazon storage would cost me over a hundred bucks a month! I’d be willing to pay that much, but for a whole year, not per month.

I did find one tonight that is supposedly “unlimited” called justcloud but it looks a little fishy to me. I haven’t found any reviews from any place I’d call reputable, and there’s another service called zipcloud which has the exact same page layout. My scam senses are tingling.

Anyone have any experience with justcloud?

I use Crashplan to back up my music files. It’s only $4 per month for an unlimited plan, or $9 per month for an unlimited family plan.

One of the things that I really like is that I can use the same program for both cloud and local backup. I can back up to an external, or network drive, or even to another computer. In fact, I can back up to another computer in a separate location.

I have the unlimited family plan. This way, I can back up to a friends computer. In return, I allow him to use my account to back up his photos and videos.

Forgot to add: I’ve been using Crashplan for close to three years now, and never had a problem. I did have to do a recovery once. It took about 5 days to download around 360GB. You can also recover individual files or directories.