Best College Football Helmets

Objectively, Washington State has to be near the top of most people list.

The Cougar morphed into WSU is a cool design.
Still number one in football fans hearts for generations.

My #1 is objective. Yours, no so much.

Simple, elegant, perfect.

Yeah - nothing says “team” like “individual number”.

Well, they’re certainly playing like a team well enough, so I’m willing to give them some leeway.

At least the Cougs are winning at SOMETHING!

Section 8, Row L, Seat 13. Hope things don’t get too ugly tomorrow.

Fair point. :slight_smile: Also fair: Alabama definitely has a unique helmet - the numbers are pretty weird to those outside the state, though. They’ve also picked a color that doesn’t really stand out - that’s not good or bad, but it sets them apart, and I give them props for that. I definitely give bonus points to any school that refuses to redesign their helmet or regular uniforms in order to attract players (I’m looking at you, Oregon State).

Talk about serendipitous. I know I’m biased (see username) but this article was just released on Michigan #1!

Now who’s being objective?

Thread over.

They should have blue lettering that say Helmet on them.

Sometimes, just sometimes, Alabama’s overall conservatism has some good side-effects. :slight_smile:

Most teams are not putting numbers on their helmets. Their players can already count.

Agreed. Best uniforms in all of football, at any level.

We can too. 4 and 0, for instance.

Roll Tide.

Ironically Penn State used to have squad numbers on their helmets as well, I think up until the 70’s. I don’t know if their numbers on helmets predated Alabama or not. The Penn State helmet numbers were considerably blockier than Alabama’s, and I’m not convinced it was a great look…either way, the helmets are better for the numbers being off.

Here’s a pic of Penn State’s helmet number era. Apparently the numbers were added to the helmets to make the players more identifiable on TV!

Best by far.


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The club team at UM-Flint has an interesting variation on the theme: Link.

Thirded. But I wouldn’t be broken up if they reverted to putting numbers on them, a la Alabama.

ETA: Duke beat me to the observation/historical reference.