Best colleges?

What are the best engineering colleges in the Nation (USA)? I’m curious because I’m still in high school, and I’m interested in applying to some of the higher level engineering colleges. I would search on Google or something, but I feel that’d take too long, and I’m too lazy…

Since you’re that lazy, the best enginnering college is the one closest to you.


US News and World Report publishes annual rankings of colleges & universities. IIRC, they have specific rankings for engineering programs.
i’ve thought of being an engineer too. But i don’t think what school you go to really matters. There was a study i read once that people who attend top tier school are only 7% more successful than people who attend regular schools.

Go to any large book store. They will have a whole section of college guides for engineering schools and every other kind of school.

If you can’t even get up the effort to do that, then you are probably wasting your time applying to a top engineering school at all. Do you have any idea how diffcult those programs are?

I said I was too lazy to enter words on a webpage, not go to the bookstore…

Find the top-rated programs, and then see if you think you could get in. Then try to narrow it down to where you think you’ll be happiest. It’s silly to split “quality” hairs over schools that are all in the same tier, because the differences are small and sometimes based on pretty arbitrary stuff. So don’t take Michigan over GA Tech just because the SAT average is five points more (just an example, I don’t know what the SATS are). Figure out which one feels right for you.

Do you think that I’d should take both the ACT and the SAT? My school gives the ACT only…

Your High School Guidance Counselor would be in the best position to help you decide.

How does your school only give the ACT? Do you mean the region you’re in?

Take both if you want to. Some people do better on the ACT, some on the SAT.

I definately reccomend taking both tests. By taking both you increase your chance for scholarships(assuming you do well on the tests) and if your in the testing range where one score doesn’t place you into a school/program, the other score might.

Don’t take Michigan over GA Tech for ANY reason!


Just a few friendly examples of highly thought of engineering schools - Georgia Tech, Cal Tech, MIT, Stanford and Georgia Tech.

University of Missouri at Rolla, hands down.
…Or so I’m told. IANAEngineer.

Well, your understanding of energy expenditure indicates to me that you will make an excellent engineer.


Based on your posts here, I would say you should be looking for a local vocational program.

Alien2022 writes:

> Do you think that I’d should take both the ACT and the SAT? My
> school gives the ACT only…

What are you talking about? There are places within a short drive of everyone in the U.S. where they can take the SAT. You don’t even have to look up where the nearest place that’s offering the SAT is. You just send in your application and they will automatically assign you to the nearest location. In any case, you have no choice in general about which of the tests you will have to take. Each college you apply to will tell you which of the tests you have to take. Some of them will take either test. Choosing a college to go to according to which test they take is ridiculous.

Get yourself one of the books to study for the ACT and the SAT. (I’m told that the Princeton Review is best.) Before that, though, get yourself one of the books on applying to colleges. It’s obvious that you don’t know much about the process you have to go through in college applications.

Yes. Either that, or attend your local junior college, then transfer to your local state college.