best concert?

whats the best concert youve been to?

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Best concert- bar none, Billy Joel
Second best- Barenaked Ladied (they put on one hell of a show!)

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I don’t think I’ve ever been to a really bad concert. Let’s see … Creedence Clearwater Revival, had tickets for the Allman Brothers show but Gregg Allman died a week before the show, so they cancelled, Frank Zappa three or four times, once with Captain Beefheart, Alice Cooper, Victor Borge, Yes on the rebound in the early 90’s, Wierd Al Yankovic, Pink Floyd for the “Dark Side” tour back when you could still see them without binoculars, Pink Floyd again and Roger Waters in the same year and I still can’t tell them apart, Billy Joel, Genesis on the final tour with Peter Gabriel, Daniel Amos with Randy Stonehill once, Jethro Tull a few times, The Moody Blues once, and P. D. Q. Bach twice, so you tell me which was the best one.

Saint Eutychus

3-way tie; chronologically:

Not my favorite band, but an unforgettable experience - Iron Butterfly when In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was new.

Went to a John Mayall concert and none of us had heard of the opening act, some band called Alice Cooper. While you couldn’t pay me enough to attend an Alice Cooper (or derivative thereof) concert today, at the time it blew us away - it hadn’t been done yet. Most of the audience didn’t stay for poor ol’ John Mayall.

Last concert I went to (~1992) was a freebie on the City of Houston (and whomever else picks up parts of the tab). We have free concerts at the Party on the Plaza on thursdays and last one I went to was Dave Mason - I’d never got to hear him do All Along the Watchtower live and it was great!


KISS at Cobo Hall in Detroit (1975 - I was 11)

Queen ('80 - I think - The Game Tour)

No question about the worst: Rolling Stones at the Silverdome. Brutal.

I have been to a couple of shows I feel were fabulous:

Oingo Boingo - Farewell Tour - Incredible!!
Any Fishbone show is always super high energy
Nitzer Ebb/Ethyl Meatplow

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Not counting my friends’ groups when they play at parties and stuff, the only actual concert I’ve been to was on Friday. I saw Black Sabbath, with Drain S.T.H and Godsmack opening for them. Ozzy was pretty ill, and was coughing a bit. He seemed to get a little better by the end. For old guys, they can still rock pretty hard. Some cool solos and stuff, too. I loved it.


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I take it we’re excluding classical music.

I saw Rush in Cincinati on their Presto tour. The music was great, and so were the fans. Truly wonderful.

Best concert I ever saw was Buddy Guy, at the Clio (MI) Amphitheater. Of course, the fact that my husband’s band opened for him made the experience that much better…but Buddy does put on a very good show.

And Eutychus? Gregg Allman is still alive. It was his brother Duane that died. But the Allman Brothers Band is still touring, with Gregg, and they put on a damn good show too.

David Bowie - Sound and Vision - Absolutely fabulous. The video behind was fantastic, some amazing dancer from this strange troupe. I forget the name.

Led Zeppelin - '70, '72?, '75? (not sure about the years, trying to picture what grade in school)

Jethro Tull '71

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young WITH Joni Mitchell, the Greek '69

Bowie Diamond Dogs and Station to Station as well.

Oh gee…is my age showing?

Alanis Morrisette right when “Jagged Little Pill” came out.

I’ve been to too many concerts, but one that will always stick in my mind as a mind-blowing experience was King’s X (with a young-upstart Alice In Chains opening) at The Limelight in New York City.

King’s X was just on that night (in spite of a large contingency of music industry folk in attendance for a convention and bassist/singer Doug Pinnick being a bit under the weather) and the band just took everyone in the place on a special journey that evening.

It’s funny - I’ve met other people who were at that show and they all agree. And the band members told me that they’ve heard it too.

On the “glad I went” front, back in October of 1989, I got to see and meet the following bands on the same bill - Soundgarden, White Zombie, Primus and Prong. Way before they all got big.

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My Bloody Valentine, 1989 at the 9:30 Club in DC.

Never regret what seemed like a good idea at the time.

Best: Roger Waters, Radio KAOS tour
Worst: David Bowie, Glass Spider tour
Up there: Simon & Garfunkel reunion, Comiskey Park, 1980 or so

Number one, without a doubt: Allman Brothers, 1978.
2nd place: Leon Russell, 1974.
close 3rd: Grateful Dead, 1988.
4th: Mother’s Finest, 1979.
5th: Steel Pulse, 1993.
6th: Bonnie Raitt, 1999.
7th: Allman Brothers, 1980,95,96.
8th: George Thorogood, 1985.
9th: Stray Cats(and the Busboys),1981.
10th: Carl Perkins, 1994.(county fair, no less!)

Absolute worst: Dave Matthews, 1999…

Best concert?
Tonight’s always works for me.

Band, Indigenous.
Three brothers, one sister.

Guitar, bass, drums, percussion, lineup.
The usual suspects.

Sound? Mostly blues. Think Stevie Ray, meets Hendrix, with a little bit 'o Jeff Healey. And a nod to Buddy Guy.
(Forget any references to clapton, this guy don’t play like clapton in any way. Maybe they just meant he was good.)

Check 'em out before they get too expensive.
The real deal, the rythym section is tight, and the lead guitarist is fabulous.
You’ll hear ghosts, but filtered thru his own touch. He’s a mother, no hype.

I saw it with my own two ears.

(oh, and if this should happen to post right below TennHippie,
Dickie Betts! Dickie Betts!)

I think Bowie rules the universe…at the very least he is coolest guy that ever lived. But I totally agree that Glass Spider sucked bigtime. And that in spite of the fact that I had front row center, no lie. (I have connections.)

I also had front row for Elton John, which was kinda kicky. I had all-access backstage, too, and a surreal moment in life was being in Elton’s dressing room with him, his dresser, and my friend. I didn’t know this man, why was I watching him get dressed?

I stood nest to Sting that night, and man, does he smell great…


Hmmm…best? Dave Matthews, 1993. (And the 1999 show I saw was a good setlist, but the sound sucked.)
2nd: Mary-Chapin Carpenter, 1997
3rd: Lilith Fair, 1999

TennHippie: where’d you see Dave? And why’d you think it was boring? Personally, I like DMB live a hell of a lot better than their studio albums…

No contest for me.

1989, London, Queen’s Theatre (a small, plush intimate setting) “A Month of Sundays”:

Nick Lowe did an hour solo, unplugged.
Elvis Costello did an hour and ten solo, unplugged.
Nick and Elvis then did another 45 minutes together unplugged.


The Kinks - 1983

U2 - Joshua Tree Tour

Prince - Purple Rain Tour

PHISH - 1994?
Dave Matthews showed up for the last set.
One phat show!