Best conditioner for fine gloves?

Anybody have a leather conditioner they swear by for fine (thin and soft) leather? I know what to use for boots or baseball gloves, but this is a new one.

I just received my new gloves, and want to make sure they don’t dry and crack like the last pair. I also want to maintain the color though - a rich deep almost-midnight blue.

As they’ll be my everyday gloves, I don’t want anything that will sit on the surface (like mink oil or beeswax can) and get all over the steering wheel and door handles. I’m looking for something light enough to sink in, but without the petroleum smell that “neatsfoot” has.

Any suggestions?

Leather Honey.

My go-to conditioner is Apple Leather Care. From what I understand, this is the product recommended for use on Louis Vuitton bags as it doesn’t darken leather. I don’t have an LV bag, and nobody ever brought one into my shop when I was in the leather business, but I’ve used Apple on black leather, white leather, and everything in between. It’s not exactly recommended for the purpose but I’ve even successfully used it on suede, gently bringing the nap back up with a gentle brass wire brushing after letting the Apple absorb and dry overnight.