Best devices for streaming iTunes

I have iTunes on my desktop and a wireless network. I am currently using an Airport Express to stream music to my stereo but would also like to stream music into the kitchen.

I would buy another Airport Express but would prefer something with a digital readout and controls to allow me to change the music locally. The Roku SoundBridge looks pretty cool, but was wondering if there are any other similar products out there that work with iTunes.

I suppose I could give up iTunes if there is another device that works well with different MP3 software, although I am pretty attached to it.

I’ve got a Squeezebox at home, and it hopped right in and happily uses my iTunes library. When you install the “slimserver” app on a Mac, it defaults to wanting to use iTunes. What was a somewhat tricky setup on a Windows PC was mindlessly easy on Mac, to the point of making me wonder “Huh? That’s it? It’s done?” when I instaled it.

The Squeezebox devices can connect via wired or wireless ethernet and you can have multiple Squeezeboxes running at the same time, each playing different music.

Forgot to add - Squeeze will play Apple’s AAC files, along with OGG, FLAC, MP3 and a bunch of other formats, but it will choke on protected AAC files that you’ve bought from the iTunes Music Store.

If your library is all MP3, no worries. If you have bought music from ITMS, you’ll need to unprotect it. (Burn a music CD of the tracks, then rip the CD back in as MP3. Apple does allow this.)

I’ve had really good luck using a laptop with wireless and sharing my iTunes library. Fast and easy.

Of course, this solution may be a bit more expensive than others.

Thanks for the tips. A laptop on the kitchen counter is not exactly the look I was after but it would certainly give me the greatest flexibility. I was hoping for a few style points and the Squeezebox does seem to fit the bill. It’s a bit pricey, but I accept that you have to shell out for good design.

Any other suggestions?