Best DVD <$300?

Ok so I’ve finally decided to get a DVD player and managed to put away a couple hundred bucks for it. I’m just not totally sure where to begin comparing them and figured if any group could help…

So fellow dopers, which DVD player do you consider to be the best value under $300?

I’m very pleased with the $200 Aiwa 370. Quality-wise it is comparable to my old player, but can be remote-hacked to play all regions, has a zoom feature, and allows you to pick six points to return to later. Also changes layers very smoothly; most discs that had a noticeable “freeze” on my and others’ players now play totally smoothly. A good barain all-around.

Try or their stores. The APex has been discounted to $99.00 if there are any left. Also you can read what features they have there.

I’ve got a General Electric GE1106P. I paid $189.95 and have been quite pleased.

The Apex is regarded by many as a piece of junk. The region-free feature that made it so popular has been removed.

Click on this here link and then click “all” (after the letter z) then click “sort by price.”

There is an Aiwa XD-DV370 listed and I don’t know if that is the exact model Space Vampire is referring to, but it does appear to be a winner.