Best electronic keyboard for grand piano?

I want to get a high quality electronic keyboard that sounds, feels and responds as much like a grand piano as possible. It doesn’t have to be super-portable – once it’s in the apartment it’s going to stay here forever. Price under $5K. Ideas and opinions, anyone?

Has anyone had the Roland HP-307?

I own a Yamaha CP-300, which is portable but barely. (For portability, most of my friends prefer the CP-80 - its drawback is that it has no built in speakers, so you need an amp as well.) If it’s truly never going to move, it would be worth looking at the Clavinova.

I’m sorry, I’ve never played the Roland HP-307.

Ditto on the CP-300. I bought one for one of the schools I work at, and love it. But, I needed a stage piano that was easily (sort of) portable. Le Ministre may disagree, but I find the action on it to be fairly un-piano like.
I haven’t used that Roland, but at home I have their portable piano with the same piano sound and similar action, and can’t praise it enough. Definitely a stellar instrument.

Either Yamaha or Roland will be your best bet. Go to local piano/music store showrooms and check 'em out.

Harmony Central has many keyboard reviews.

I was fortunate to find an fully functional older Roland on craigslist - a mid-80’s RD 300x - at a very reasonable $75 (NOT a typo) - 88 perfectly weighted keys, very basic, big honkin’ tank (when they still made the case with actual wood!) but oh so nice.