Best Episode of TV in 2013?

This one, we can do. A ton of movies in 2013 I have yet to see, but I’ve seen most of the TV that I wanted to.

Anyway, what is the single best episode of TV in 2013?

I would say:

Legend of Korra- Beginnings - It was a two-parter, but aired the same night. It’s beautiful, powerful, and captures everything that the Avatar show can be.

What was the best episode of TV in 2013?

Game of Thrones - The Rains of Castamere - 9th episode of the third season. Powerful. Stunning for those that weren’t spoiled by reading the books or various internet sources. Does not have a happy ending.

Breaking Bad - Ozymandias

The second last episode of Suits was very entertaining.

I’m limited because I work in post, but “Hitting The Fan” – The Good Wife was so well written, directed and acted, I actually forgot I watched Mad Men. It’s almost Machavellian, watching educated, high-earning people try to outsmart themselves out of their own mess they created. Favorite part was watching Eli Gold react to Peter Florrick on phone with his wife’s ex lover, then Alicia on the phone with him insulting each other, then suddenly, Will (ex lover) says, your daughter Grace called and needs a ride later. “Okay, thank you”, says Alicia. Hilarious! Hope the episode gets nominated for writing.

The one that jumps to mind is Justified - Decoy, just everything about it was great television.

It certainly contains the “moment” of the year, but I don’t think the whole episode is the best of the year, only…well, that thing.

“P.S. I Love You” from How I Met Your Mother. Robin’s pop career is always funny and I loved the cameos of famous Canadians and Dave Coulier’s “Why do people always think it’s me?”

Considering its showing in the thread on greatest episodes of a series, I suspect this one will be the run away winner.

I want to second this, mostly so it doesn’t get lost in the inevitable Breaking Bad love. I just re-watched parts of season 4 to prep for this week’s season 5 launch, and this episode was pretty much perfect.

Yep, that came to mind. And I didn’t even like the show. The whole 3 seasons, I mean.

Another one that came to mind - not least because of the closing montage - was The Americans.

But I’m also all about the last hour of Broadchurch, some ridiculously good acting.

Probably “YOLO” from Scandal.

Either that, or “White Hats Back On,” which showed the best way to set up a cliffhanger – seemingly resolve everything, then throw in two amazing complications in the last 30 seconds.