Best foods to take with medication/medicine / when precisely to take when taking with food

What are the best foods to take with medication/medicine for those that should be taken with food, esp. to prevent nausea? Preferably low-cal? :slight_smile: Like what foods (or type of foods) stay with the meds as they digest, as opposed to heading off to early or too late and leaving a pill all alone to cause nausea? Like I can get nausea 1-2 hours after certain pills, so what foods stick with meds that long? I like oatmeal but I’m looking for other ideas.

Also, thoughts on precisely when to take meds when taking with food? Taking it right after food as opposed to right before is the best, right? But what if one is taking a lot of nausea medication, could it be beneficial to break it up like 1/3 of it before the meal, and 2/3 after, or something?

thanks gang! you better lives.

The nurses gave me crackers with my medicine in the hospital.

I buy the unsalted top crackers and take medicine at home.

Reducing salt doesn’t effect the taste.

My go-to would be crackers also. Or pretzels, or something similarly bland.

I take a med at night that is best taken with food, and I usually eat a few bites of whatever before I take the pill - but unless there are explicit reasons to do something differently, try experimenting. In general, if nausea is one possible side effect I’d suggest eating a bit first so the med isn’t hitting an empty stomach at all.

Almost any kind of bread or toast would be OK. Pastry too, though that’s seldom low-calorie.