Best forgotten (or ignored) album of the last 25 years

I suppose we can chalk this up to the fact that I’m listening to it right now, but it occurs to me that there aren’t all that many people that remember how great Queensryche’s Empire really was. It started great, it ended great, and there was (IMO) not a single clanker in between. If anybody remembers it at all it was because of “Silent Lucidity”, and that’s a shame because “Anybody Listening?” and “Empire” were light years better.

That’s not even to mention that Operation: Mindcrime and Promised Land were fantastic albums that bookended Empire. Hell, I would say that Queensryche might actually be the most forgotten band of the last 25 years given their output and how many people actually remember how great they really were.

So, what say you?

If we’re going to talk about ignored, Rage for Order blows 'em all away. Empire was a good album but I can’t listen to it anymore, because it got waayy overplayed back in the day. Promised Land sucked, IMHO.

Other great (and forgotten) metal albums from that era include Pleasures of the Flesh by Exodus, and Ignorance by Sacred Reich. Another obscure classic is No Place for Disgrace by Flotsam & Jetsam, Jason Newsted’s original band.

(Actually, at first I was going to answer with Amon Düül II’s Phallus Dei, until I did the math and realized 25 years ago was only 1983…DAMN I’m getting old!!)

Three of my favorite albums, actually.

Probably only prog rock fans have ever heard Images and Words, which is a great tragedy for them. I listen to it all of the time.

Queensryche definitely deserves a little more recognition for the quality of their work in the 80s.

How many of you are familiar with Candlemass? As far as I know they never got any mainstream attention, but they wrote one of the most widely known non-mainstream metal songs. Their first album, Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, definitely qualifies as one of the best ignored albums. Check out Solitude if you haven’t heard it before.

There are lots of local bands I could talk about, but for more known acts:
Whatever and Ever Amen, Ben Folds Five: a superb mix of hysterical smartassery (like “Battle of Who Could Care Less”) and nakedly sincere tracks (like “Missing the War”), backed by piano assaults straight off a Jerry Lee Lewis album. Why wasn’t this huge?
It’s easy to forget considering what a joke Courtney Love is these days, but Hole’s Live Through This was a superbly reviewed album that merged savage punk-grunge sounds with highly perceptive feminist lyrics.
That’s Not What I Heard, the Gossip: 14 two chord blues romps over 22 minutes, all blessed with catchy riffs and Beth Ditto’s blistering vocals. They’re big in Britain now, but the music’s not nearly as powerful.

My list:

1. Many Worlds Are Born Tonight

2. The Dreaming

3. Security

4. My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts

5. Nunsexmonkrock

6. The Walking

At least 2-6 got attention, charting in some cases, and getting good reviews, though they’re generally forgotten today (other than by fans). The first one was thoroughly ignored except by the NPR radio show Echoes.

Disclaimer: the 2nd album is my all-time favorite album by anybody, ever. It’s my Desert Island album if I could only take one.

I was thinking of this after reading the OP. I remember buying that album on cassette in 1992 when I was 14, after hearing “Another Day” a grand total of two times on the radio, which left me starved for more. “Pull Me Under” was the big single from that album, and even though it was good, I felt that it was the weakest track. That has less to do with how poor that song was, and much, much more to do with how stellar the rest of the album was. Every track on there is freakin’ gold!

I still listen to it on occasion, and it holds up pretty damn well, IMHO.