Best gifts you have gotten your significant other

Since this is the holiday season and everyone must do some kind of shopping… what is the best gift you have ever gotten or given for christmas? And I mean material items, I don’t want to hear no cheesy things like “I gave the gift of love or hte gift of charity”. I’m talking about things you buy in a store.

My wife and I just bought a mini-supercomputer. Fastest damn machine I have ever seen. The cooling system uses refrigerant :slight_smile:
1 Terabyte HD space … we love it. :):):slight_smile:

Our taste in art used to be… well… different. Then we were walking through a gallery one vacation and were both moved by the same piece as soon as we walked in the door.

I called that evening and bought it and had it secretly shipped to my office and held it for several months until Christmas, time enough for her to completely forget about it.

When she opened it Christmas morning she remembered and was blown away.

My Kitchen Aid mixer.

I think I’ve done pretty well this year.

I bought a good camera after Christmas last year, and I’ve spent the whole year taking pictures of him and his son at team ropings and rodeos. I had tooled leather photo albums custom made for each of them, one with my sweetie’s brand, and the other with his son’s name. I’ve got the pictures all ready, and I’m just waiting on getting the albums.

I got a message chicken. It’s a fairly undescribable piece of art, but it’s basically a chicken-sized chicken covered in blackboard material, with unique chicken personality elements. I wanted it, and I got it. It was perfect.

I hasten to add that this is the only peice of chicken art in my home.

I think the best gift I’ve given was the DVD player I got for my movie-lovin husband, just as they were coming down into the affordable price range. I gave it to him as a DVD (the Matrix, natch) with a note saying that all necessary equipment was included. He was blown away. Of course, this year’s gift is pretty good, too…

Well this year, if the fates don’t screw it up and the ticket broker pulls their head out, I got my wife the following:

2 days off from work (she doesn’t know, I fixed it with her boss ahead of time)
First class round trip tickets for us to Boston
A suite in a hotel off of Boston Common
Tickets and Back Stage passes to the Harry Connick Christmas concert (she’s a rabid fan).

I figure the rest of the time in boston we’ll go to museums and ice skating and such.

I had to spend my new PC fund to do it but i think the look on her face will be more than worth it.

We saw Lost in Translation together a few months ago and were both totally blown away by it. She commented afterward that she wanted a wig like the one Scarlett Johansson wore in the flick, so when she had a birthday last week, I got her one exactly like that.

She said it was the coolest gift she ever got. :slight_smile:

For Christmas of 1991, my wife wanted a blue topaz ring. She was also in need of of new wheels at the time. On Christmas morning parked in the driveway was a blue Mercury Topaz. Hanging from the rear view mirrow with blue ribbon was her blue topaz ring.

My wife bought me the Oxford English Dictionary. She is the balls and the dick combined.

One Christmas I bought my wife a cow. Go ahead and laugh, damn ya’!

For eight consecutive years that cow had a calf that she sold for between $350 and $500 each year. She swears that was the best present she ever got. “The gift that keeps giving”, is what she called her cow.

My fiance has been a huge fan of Cold for years and years. He’s never gotten to see them in concert, but I have (when Staind and Cold came through Austin a few years back, before we moved in together, he waited too long and they were sold out). So, for his last Bday, I got him tickets to a small, personal event with Cold in Grand Rapids (maybe 200 people there) that he hadn’t heard of, since it was only in the local music paper. He loved it.

Also, a few months after we started dating, the Deftones (his then-favorite band) came to San antonio. Again, he hadn’t heard of it. So, when he came over to pick me up for something, I handed him the envelope. He was so surprised.

For his Bday this year, I’m getting him a guitar. He sold his when we were in poverty in Tx. Wanted another one ever since.

A huge Final Fantasy IX tapestry.

Tickets to Les Mis and Phantom.

The Les Mis anniversary DVD thingie.

Harry Potter DVD with a Dobby figurine.

But what I got this year beats all that, except maybe the Final Fantasy tapestry thingie.

I believe that my LIONsob thought the SKS rifle I go him several years ago was the best gift I have picked out for him. That or the time I came into the bedroom wearing nothing but but a big red bow and a gift tag to him, oh wait that’s what I’m thinking of giving him this year [naughty smilie goes here]

The other year my husband bought me a gargoyle. We called him Morberry and he lives in our front room (I couldn’t bear to put him outside).

Wow, the Topaz car and ring is right over the top. Very clever.

The best gift I received was a drawing of our then 12 year old dog. Done by a friend of ours, and given to me by my wife.

The best present I ever gave was a teddy bear I gave my girlfriend at the time, which I made myself from a pattern. The bear was presented in a wicker basket (which I wove myself) with a tiny blanket and pillow (which I also made myself).

That was one cute damn bear.


On a similar note to Fish, the mrs had a set of soft toys as a child, a family. Her ex made her throw the kids out as they were mouldy and mouse-nibbled in the attic. We are very much teddy-people, so this was a hard thing to do. About 5 years ago I spent a month creeping up in the dead of night, and hand-sewing the missing family members. You know it’s a good present when they cry :smiley:

It wasn’t a Christmas present, and I didn’t “buy” it in a store…
My boyfriend of 8 years turned 36 on December 3rd. I had been stealing his favorite tshirts for about three years. When I collected enough, I made a quilt out of it for our bed…each one in its own color coordinated square, outlined in black. It took a while, but on his birthday, when he came in our room and saw it on our bed, his mouth dropped open. He had tshirts as old as 7th grade, so the memories go way back.
He wants me to hang it on the wall behind our bed, so it wont get “messed up”.:smiley:

I almost bought this great gift for my husband but we really couldn’t afford it. (In fact, I actually did purchase it but had buyer’s remorse and returned it before picking it up).

If anyone has the money to spend for someone with a bad back, I’d highly recommend it. It was a massage chair at Brookstones (they also have one at the Sharper Image). The one at Brookestones was $600. I “test drove” it in the store and the massage feature is truly unbelievable. My husband (who sees a chiropractor regularly for a horrible back) would have loved it so much that I was honestly willing to forfeit my share of the money gift pot (since he makes it all anyway) but even that wouldn’t have covered it. It’s just out of our league at this time.