Best Google AD link so far - "Untraceable Essays Online - Don't take chances"

From this thread

Considering how hard the SDMB members and mods usually come down on this kind of thing it’s amusing to see ads for it on this site.

Now even better! It’s morphed into

And of course, what do you suppose the ads on this thread are for?

I too noted this one and was aghast at the promotion of intellectual dishonesty here on the SDMB.

I went looking for a thread in which to post a message about this - and ran across your OP here. Perhaps, in future, I could pay you to write messages for me here on the SDMB. It would certainly be a time-saver. You should think about setting up or attaching to some sort of service website to make this process easier. :slight_smile:

I’m just picturing some of the teachers and professors on this board checking out that site for essays relevant to the courses they teach.

Hey! It’d be nice to know the ads do something useful!

It won’t work. If the college uses Turnitin or SafeAssignment (and more and more are doing it), you’re screwed.

I’ve reported the OP. The mods have had google cease business with a couple other illegal businesses. I bet they could do the same here.

And as I’m reading the thread, the ads are for:-

Degree Essays UK
Guaranteed 2:1 and 1st Class Level As Featured In The Sunday Times
www. ukessays. com

Over 5000 Essays & Theses
University Level, A and B Standard Fully Referenced, Discounted Prices
www. papers4you. com

Premier UK Custom Essays
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www. MasterPapers. com

(links munged by yours truly.)

Perhaps we should keep this thread running and see how many cheating-and-plagiarism services we can catch with it?

Interesting – I can’t copy and paste the ads, but old-fashioned note-taking has allowed me to reproduce the ones I got (interesting how the lack of punctuation in the second example suggests that the essays offered are imitations):
Custom Essay in 8 Hours
Creative custom writing free of plagiarism. Prompt delivery!
Prof Essays. com
The Real Law Essays UK
Don’t Be Fooled By Imitations Verified By The Times As 2:1+
www. law-essays. com

To be fair, I’m pretty sure that neither selling essays nor plagiarizing is illegal. Obviously, the intended use is unethical, but I don’t think there are laws involved.

Copyright infringement, anyone?

Only if the original work wasn’t released under a license that allows copying, as in the quoted link. Of course, even an allowed copy of a work would still run up against the academic restrictions against plagiarism. But that would be an academic matter between the university and the student; the author of the paper would not have anything to do with it.

Unless the Creative Commons licenses specifically allow the author to withhold permission in cases of plagiarism? I know there is a CC license that requires attribution…

Dunno about you guys, but from my University of Toronto handbook:

I don’t think for a minute that any Doper–okay, maybe 80 or 90 percent of all the Dopers here–would take advantage of a site like that. But it’s very dicey territory.

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